What To Do With An Old Toilet: Getting The Best Value Out Of An Old Toilet

Have you ever thought of replacing your Toilet? Or have you ever thought of how you can get the best value out of your old household items? We all need value for our money. I am the kind of person who always believes that the useful life must be fully utilized. In our homes, for instance, we still wonder about what to do with an old toilet.

 It may seem a little awkward to think of recycling and reusing a toilet, but you will be amazed by the end products that may come out of an old bathroom. The economy all around the globe is hurting; therefore, recycling and reusing items is highly advised.

In some cultures, reusing old toilets is unacceptable, but there is always something you can do in such a situation. Companies or individuals who can use your old bathroom are all over, and they can help you dispose of your old Toilet.

What to Do with An Old Toilet:

They say good things always take a lot of hard work to be put in place. I still believe in smart thinking for great things to happen. Incredible products have come out of old toilets. Here are some of the products that will leave you stunned:

Pieces of Art

Creativity can be unleashed in any kind of situation. Great innovators and artists like Barney Smith have showcased their might by reusing old toilets. Can you imagine a museum that thousands of people come to see your artistic prowess? 

Barney Smith maybe an inspiration who has pushed me to think of other viable ways of what to do with an old toilet. Any kind of painting can fit in various toilet parts. 

Maybe you wonder how people will think about you when they find out that you do your art using the old Toilet. Honestly, you won’t be the first one; ancient toilet arts are all over the United Kingdom; therefore, shot your shot.

Barney Smith, a retired San Antonio plumber with an eye and talent for art, has inspired people to unleash their creative side and turn used toilet seat lids into pieces of artwork. The possibilities are endless; painting the covers in vivid colors, adding embellishments, or even creating conceptual art – the choice is yours! You can also choose more Ways to Reuse a Toilet Art Piece once completed.

From displaying your work in your own home as an exciting conversation piece, gifting it as a quirky decoration, or perhaps even selling them on sites like Etsy – the options offer endless possibilities. Let Barney Smith’s iconic collection of toilet seat lid works of art be an alluring inspiration for you to craft your own!

Garden Chair

Much research has always amazed me, but something that made it even more astonishing is that more people feel more comfortable sitting on toilet seats. 

Have you ever thought of such an ordeal? Not. It is so easy to make a comfortable chair using an old toilet. All you need to do is add a waterproof cushion, and there you go. 

You have the best and most comfortable seat in your garden. If you have more than one heart, you can arrange to set up a sitting area in your garden, especially under a shade. 

I made such a chair in my garden, and I can assure you the seat is durable. I can consider this the best and best thought of what to do with an old toilet.

Garden Waterfall

We all like beauty in our gardens, don’t we? A garden waterfall is one of the most beautiful things you can have in a park. Personally, waterfalls give me goosebumps. 

When you look at a wateMaterial for Mosaicsrfall, you always see many technical masterminds that may have been put in place. Trying to learn what to do with an old toilet made me change that school of thought. 

Making a garden waterfall using an old toilet just needs a flat slab and a pond to pour water. It is one of the most leisurely activities you can do in your garden.

Making Container Garden

Most beautiful gardens are made of container gardens. If you think of the most acceptable idea of what to do with an old toilet, think of a container garden. Sometimes you may not want to expose it, so you can put the bowl or the toilet tank in some hidden setup.

 Painting the bowl can also produce a magnificent container, which will always drive the mind of the onlooker crazy if you’ve never been creative before; this is your opportunity to shine. The durability of the container is always assured, so take your chances.


Creating A Drinking Bowl

Are you a fan of pets? I guess so. All you need to do is fill the bowl with water and leave it in the garden. The dogs or cats will quickly identify the bowl. They say cleanness is second to godliness, isn’t it? A drinking bowl made out of a toilet bowl is elementary to clean, raising your set hygiene standards. 

However, people do not encourage this idea of animals drinking from a toilet bowl in some cultural setups. Only a fool can never change his mind; toilet bowls make the best drinking bowls.

Material for Mosaics

Ways to reuse materials are a great way to extend their life cycle and repurpose items into something useful. An excellent example is porcelain from a toilet, which can be crushed up and used to craft mosaics. In Bellingham, Washington, a project was undertaken to replace gravel as an aggregate in poured concrete using 400 crushed toilets. This project was aptly named “poticrete.”

This method not only turned unwanted porcelain waste into something usable and aesthetically pleasing, but it also sidestepped many environmental issues that usually arise with other alternatives. The end product was used to decorate pathways and patios, providing stunning visuals with an eco-friendly backstory.

Making a Bird Bath

Birds love to take a bath more regularly than even human beings. I hope this doesn’t surprise you, especially if you are always keen on your garden. To make a birdbath from an old toilet is pretty simple.

Just fill the bowl with water and place it in an accessible position in your garden. Water should always be changed regularly. You can also think of changing the appearance of such an environment by planting flowers around the birdbath. This will always make the birds feel comfortable in a natural habitat.

What to Do with An Old Toilet- Storage

Just take a look at the capacity of your toilet bowl. How much small equipment can it hold? Or are you that kind of person that loves order, especially in your store? A toilet bowl can be used to keep the little kit in your store. 

You cannot compare the bowl to plastic buckets, which are not very durable, especially in stores. The moment you use one as storage material, you will always yearn to find another one.

Recycle some parts

Toilet seat, handle bolts, and screws will always be in a perfect state even if your Toilet has become old. You can open and remove the toilet parts. First Read Our article about How to remove a toilet

These parts can always be recycled separately. You can also think of keeping the details as you can reuse them in future toilet repairs. Things like handles and toilet seats will always be repaired, so keep these parts to cut off future costs.

We all have different needs. If you do not want to reuse your old Toilet, then there are even astounding ideas of what to do with an old bathroom. Here are some of the things you may have been thinking of:

Donate your old Toilet

Charity begins at home. Most charity centers accept salvage materials. If you have an old toilet, then find one charity Centre near your residence and donate the old bathroom. I believe they will find much better value from that Toilet.

Try selling your Toilet.

You don’t want to start asking everyone about buying your old Toilet, do you? Just go online in any marketplace platform and describe your Toilet. 

You will always find someone interested in buying your old Toilet. I have tried selling old items online, and there is never a single day I never saw an interested bidder.

Give your old Toilet to Someone Else.

In our societal set up all of us have different needs. There is always someone interested in an item you are no longer using. 

You can even go further and post it online to get a larger audience. As I always say, you will always find an interested party.

Give your Toilet to Waste disposal and management firms.

There are different regulations on how to dispose of your old items. Disposing of your old Toilet may attract some fees. 

You may be required to take your Toilet to a collection center, or you may give instructions for the firm to pick up your Toilet.


I am sure you now have your best idea of what to do with an old toilet. There are more creative things that you’ve never imagined but always go with the best. The useful life of a bathroom should never end after its replacement. 

There is always much in store for that old Toilet of yours. Some ideas sound crazy, is it not? A fantastic idea is still the best idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find an old toilet disposal firm around me?

Old toilet disposal firms are everywhere around the globe. If you are not sure of the one, you can just visit a waste management office near you, and you will be directed accordingly.

Can an old toilet be reused to make another toilet?

Absolutely yes. However, the durability and quality of the refurbished Toilet cannot be assured. Always seek advice from quality assurers before you start remodeling your Toilet.

What are the old toilet disposal fees?

In most countries, especially in the United Kingdom and America, old toilet disposal is free. In some places like Kenya, you may even end up selling your old Toilet to waste management firms.

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