Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Bath Tissue Review

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Toilet tissue, commonly known as toilet paper, is a paper people typically use to clean their rectum and surrounding areas after having their defecation. Besides this, it’s also used in the perineal area after making water.

That’s why finding out the best toilet tissue has become a very important matter nowadays. In this post, we’ve reviewed one of the best toilet papers you’ve ever thought about it. Let’s read this article bang on.

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Bath Tissue:

Quilted Northern ultra plush bath toilet tissue is a super soft toilet tissue you’ve ever thought. You may like it most once you use it because of the good fragrance.

Compared to the other brand’s toilet tissues, Quilted Northern ultra plush bath tissue can be bought.

Features of this product:

Quilted Northern ultra plush bath toilet tissue has:

  1. 48 double rolls with 175 sheets in every roll.
  2. Three silky soft layers to ensure the confident clean.
  3. Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.
  4. It’s a three-ply toilet paper.
  5. Width of this toilet tissue is 4.5’’.


With the jam and jelly preservatives, you’ll get some new flavor and will also be mad. It has all the delicious flavors. For example pineapple, blueberry, raspberry, mango, strawberry, and many more.

Number of rolls, and sheets:

There are 48 rolls and 8,448 sheets in this per pack. Also, there are 8 packs in the pack. You might gift your neighbors and friends rest of the sheets if you want.


This is a good point that it has three silky layers. And with the three silkey layers of softness, you’ll feel very comfort while using this toilet paper. Moreover, you can not only use it for yours but alos for your stupid children.

How will you feel at the time of using?

As it has enough softness, so you will definitely feel something new and difference while using this toilet tissue. In addition to this, it won’t make any disease in your health, especially in the anus and the genitalia areas after using many days.

What could be one of the best reasons for buying this bath tissue?

Well done! It’s a pretty ok question you might have ever asked anywhere yet.

Before buying this bath tissue, you should know what the main reason is behind to purchase bath tissue nowadays.

Quilted northern ultra plush bath tissue is a premium brand toilet tissue with three layers of softness to give you the best feel at the time of cleaning your anus, perineal, and surrounding areas as well.

What would it be like a gift?

Ultra-Plush bath tissue isn’t like the other bath tissue. There are some different nature on it compared to the others. So, considering all the facts, you can gift this tissue to your favorite friends today. Once your order seller will send it in a gift box to your friend if you want to make a gift as well.

Quilted Northern Ultra-plush bath tissue is made with three silky layers to give you the super cleanest feeling that you expect from it. Furthermore, this bath tissue paper will also ensure you the luxurious feeling you desire.

You may have tried the other premium toilet tissue but failed to get the expected feeling you wanted. However, Quilted Northern ultra plush bath tissue might be able to give you the best feeling you desire.

Quilted Northern Ultra-plush bath tissue is a pro brand toilet paper with three levels of layers. Besides, it is able to give you the clean you desire and confident you expect. Even, users will be able to use it in the rainy season as well as in the summer.

As it has 8,440 sheets, you can cover two of your neighbor’s houses as a gift beside you use.

  • One of the super soft tissues you’ve ever use.
  • Soft, and Smooth.
  • Septic, flushable, unscented.
  • Very easy to open.
  • Three ply toilet tissue for luxury feeling.
  • This toilet tissue is enough to cover neighbor’s house besides yours.
  • Fit enough in the standard bathroom toilet tissue paper holder without any additional attachment.
  • Seller isn’t capable of shipping out-side of the USA.
  • It’s not safe to use during a snowstorm.
  • Though Quilted Northern is a premium brand for more than 100 years. The product may come with an inconspicuous brown box in some cases..


This toilet tissue is septic safe. So, will never be any problem.

Level of Recommendation:

We highly recommend all of you to purchase toilet tissues from this brand.

Brand Awareness:

Quilted Northern is Quilted Northern! There is no alternative to this brand.

The Quilted Northern is working in this field the last 100 years to redesigning, rethinking, and innovating the best toilet paper for its users. In addition, Quilted Northern has been certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). 

As it’s working on toilet tissue filed more than a hundred years, they’re absolutely able to fulfill what you desire after having the natural work.

You can decide to buy bulk toilet tissue from this brand. You’ll be pleased with the quality and softness of the tissue paper.

Final Thought:

For a gentle confident clean, Quilted Northern ultra plush bath tissue is one of the best toilet tissues in these days.

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