Oxo Good Grips Toilet Brush (A Complete Review)

Let’s face it. It’s not a piece of cake to find out the best toilet brush at present. There are plenty of companies with various types of brush. That’s why you’re a bit confused about which one will be perfect for your Best toilet. Right?

Pretty well! 

In today’s article, we’re going to help you find one of the best toilet brushes you’ve ever thought. Let’s have at a glance. 

Oxo Good Grips Toilet Brush: 

The Oxo good grips toilet brush is a neat compact toilet brush that hideaway very well. Considering all the tactics, It’s just what you were looking for so long. Needless to say that It is a bathroom buddy. The brush works just fine what you expect. It’s presentable enough to have on a guest bathroom. The length of the brush is neither too long nor too short. Instead, it’s the perfect one to cleans a dirty bathroom within a couple of minutes. 

Head of the Brush: 

The head of the brush is tapered and has comfortability. The happy news is that the oxo toilet brush has replacement head. So, you can change with a brand new head if you want to use the brush once again. 


The handle of the brush won’t slip any time and will ensure you a decent deep cleaning. 

The overall shape of the handle is made considering usability. For this reason, it’s comfortable enough at the time of applying to the toilet. This brush handle is sturdy enough, one can use it by giving a good amount of force on it if he/she thinks the necessity. 


You’ll find the oxo good grips toilet brush at least in three colors -white, black and gray. So that it’s very easy to purchase a toilet brush matching with your toilet color. 

Decent clean: 

The grip of the toilet is very comfortable and has ease of use. Its neck is flexible. To sum up, the oxo toilet brush is capable of giving a decent cleaning experience you expect. 

Rust-free brush: 

As the most part of the oxo toilet brush is made out of plastic, so it’s free from rust. The middle part of the brush is made from stainless steel that plays an important rule to keep the bristles in the right place. 

Thus, the brush lasts for a long time. 

Ease of use and store: 

One of the main benefits of buying the oxo good grips toilet brush is that it’s very easy to cleanse the toilet within a couple of minutes. The door of the canister opens automatically when it needs to lift from the tin. Apart from this, you can easily store the brush on the canister after using it. 

The built-in drip tray catches excess water in no time. Besides this, it promotes fast evaporation through ventilation holes as well. 

Level of recommendatio


We’ve researched enough about the 1,433 customer reviews as well as the ultimate usability of the oxo good grips toilet brush as well. Here, the existing customers of this product are happy enough. And hope, you’ll also be happy once you check it out on Amazon right now. 

Here’s one more thing that it’s giving the replacement guarantee if you face any problem with the toilet brush.  

It’s highly recommended for you. 

Brand awareness:

The Oxo is a leading brand in this field from the very beginning. It’s committed to bringing the best product at the cheapest price for its customers. The authority of the Oxo isn’t focussing more on getting revenues. Instead, they focus on launching quality products for the mass-people. 

Overall, your life is going to be more comfortable with its goods. 

Price VS Working Capability:  

There are blue bristles of this toilet brush and these are strong enough too. You’ll be able to clean the upper edge of the toilet and other hard-to-reach places where your eyes don’t go in general time. 

So, it goes without saying that this is a perfect product compared to the price and working capability. 

Similar products: 

  • The oxo good grips toilet brush looks nice.
  • The brush is easy to apply to the toilet bowl.
  • It has enough durability.
  • The overall design of the brush is excellent.
  • The ultimate size of the brush is just perfect.
  • Don’t need to worry about the beauty of your toilet brush. It looks charming.
  • It takes very little space in your bathroom.
  • This brush is a bit pricey.
  • The grip of the brush is overkill.
  • The opening and closing mechanism is a handy feature.
  • The sticker might take a bit of time to tear.

Final Verdict: 

In a nutshell, this is an elegant brush that helps you wash your toilet with liquid within a couple of minutes. The design of this toilet brush is just good that will help you to hold your bathroom’s beauty. 

It’s a perfect brush to use on a daily basis. 

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