One Piece vs Two Piece Toilet: Which Is Right for You?

Are you wondering about the best choice for your bathroom – a one piece vs two piece toilet?

When it comes to outfitting your bathroom, you must make an informed decision, and the toilet you pick is no exception. These two options may look similar, but beneath the surface, there are key differences that can greatly impact your daily life and your wallet.

In this guide, we’ll explore the major distinctions between one piece and two piece toilets so that you can make a well-informed choice for your home.

One Piece vs Two Piece Toilet: Difference At A Glance

If you are short on time, just go through the following comparison table highlighting the differences between one piece and two piece toilets.

 One Piece ToiletTwo Piece Toilet
DesignSleek, seamless, and modernTraditional with separate tank and bowl
PriceGenerally higher-pricedNormally more budget-friendly
DurabilityMore durable, less prone to cracks and leaksDurable but slightly more prone to cracks and leaks
CleaningEasy to clean due to the seamless designHarder to clean, especially between the tank and bowl
Space EfficiencySuitable for compact spacesMay not work well in small bathrooms
Comfort HeightOften designed with comfortable heightVarious options for toilet height
Bacteria GrowthDiscourages bacteria growth due to seamless designMore potential for bacteria growth in gaps
Installation TimeFaster installation due to no assemblyLonger installation time due to separate components
Rough-In ChoicesFewer choices for rough-in distanceMore options for rough-in distance
Shipping CostsMore expensive to ship due to weight and designLess expensive to ship
StyleModern and visually appealingLess stylish compared to one piece models

The Advantages and Disadvantages of A One Piece and Two Piece Toilet

You might have learned about one piece vs two piece toilets from the above table. But that is not enough unless you know the pros and cons of each toilet variant. With that in mind, we have listed the pros and cons of both types of toilets.

One Piece Toilet:

Sleek design.High-quality finishes.Durability.Easy to clean.Suitable for compact spaces.Designed for comfort height.Discourages bacterial growth.Faster installation process.Heavier.Higher-priced.Limited choices for rough-in distance.More expensive to ship.

Two Piece Toilet:

Lower price.Cost-effective to ship.Easier to handle during installation.More options for mixing toilet height and tank sizes.Various rough-in choices (from 10–14 inches).Less stylish design.May not be suitable for small spaces.Longer installation time.Harder to clean.Less durable.More prone to leaks between the tank and bowl.

The Difference Between A One Piece Toilet and Two Piece Toilet

Now, we will explore the major aspects that will provide more comprehensive knowledge on one piece vs two piece toilets. When choosing between these two types of toilets, you need to consider the points below.


  • One Piece Toilet: These toilets are solid and hefty, as the tank and bowl are fused into a single unit. The weight might make them a bit challenging to transport and install.
  • Two Piece Toilet: These toilets are lighter in weight since the tank and bowl are separate components. So, they are more manageable during installation.

Who is the winner?

A two piece toilet is a clear winner in this context. It is light, and each part is separable, which makes it easy to carry. However, it is always useful to know the weight of the toilet , whether it is one piece or two piece model.


  • One Piece Toilet: Usually, one piece toilets have a bowl set at a taller “comfort height” (between 17 and 19 inches from the floor). For this height, these toilets are more convenient for adults, especially those with mobility issues. Hence, these toilets are more comfortable for them.
  • Two Piece Toilet: These toilets give you a choice between “comfort height” and “standard height” (about 15 inches). Standard height is better for younger children, while comfort height is great for taller individuals and those looking for easier use.

Who is the winner?

Here, two piece toilets stand out for offering various height options for different levels of users.


  • One Piece Toilet: These toilets have a seamless, stylish design. They come across as elegant, modern, and trendy. These toilets can contribute to the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.
  • Two Piece Toilet: two piece toilets, while versatile in style options, generally have a more traditional appearance with a separate tank and bowl. This can be less visually appealing to some people.

Who is the winner?

No doubt, a one piece toilet will make your bathroom look more elegant.


  • One Piece Toilet: These toilets are often on the higher end of the price spectrum. Primarily, these toilets are manufactured with a more complex process, which is essential for their one piece design. Their costs can range from $500 to $1,100, including installation.
  • Two Piece Toilet: These are a budget-friendly option. Their prices may range from $250 to $700. This range includes the installation cost. Their affordability can make them an attractive choice for those on a budget.

Who is the winner?

One piece toilets add luxury to your bathroom. Plus, they go through a complicated manufacturing process. If you are looking for a cost-effective option, choose a two piece toilet over a one piece variant.


  • One Piece Toilet: Despite their weight, one piece toilets have a quicker installation process because they don’t need additional assembly. This can save time during installation.
  • Two Piece Toilet: Although two piece toilets are lighter, they can take longer to install due to the assembly of the tank and bowl. However, their separate components make them easier to move around during installation.

Who is the winner?

When we compare a one piece toilet and a two piece toilet in terms of installation, the one piece model is clearly the winner. These toilets are quick and easy to install.


  • One Piece Toilet: Cleaning and maintenance are straightforward with one piece toilets. Their flawless design means there are no hidden nooks and crannies where dirt or bacteria can accumulate. Hence, you can easily keep them clean.
  • Two Piece Toilet: Just as with installation, maintaining two piece toilets can be a bit more complex. They tend to trap more bacteria in the space between the tank and bowl. Therefore, cleaning and upkeeping two piece toilets is more time-consuming.

Who is the winner?

Since one piece toilets are easier to install than two piece models, they are also very easy to maintain.


  • One Piece Toilet: These toilets are less likely to crack, but if they do, fixing them is usually not an option. Instead, you will need to replace the entire unit, which can be costlier.
  • Two PieceToilet: They are more vulnerable to cracks and leaks. In particular, the joint between the tank and bowl can easily break or crack. However, they offer more options for repairing individual components, which can be a more affordable solution.

Who is the winner?

Although two piece toilets can be less durable than one piece toilets, they are very easy and affordable to repair.


  • One Piece Toilet: To enhance comfort and hygiene, these toilets can be modified. You can add features like a bidet attachment, energy-saving options, luxury toilet seats, and smart toilet functions to make your bathroom experience more convenient and enjoyable.
  • Two Piece Toilet: Similarly, two piece toilets can also be modified. You can upgrade them with various features; they offer similar customization options to one piece toilets. These features can add both comfort and convenience to the overall bathroom.

Who is the winner?

Since both types of toilets can comply with popular modification features, it is a tie.


  • One Piece Toilet: These toilets, like their two piece counterparts, are designed with sustainability in mind. They can have features like low-flow technology, dual-flush systems, and power flushing for water conservation. What’s more, they offer the option to retrofit your current toilet with a displacement bag to reduce water usage.
  • Two Piece Toilet: These are also eco-friendly. They offer sustainability features that you can get from a one piece toilet. You can even retrofit a two piece toilet with a displacement bag to decrease water usage.

Who is the winner?

Both types of toilets work to reduce water waste and save you money on your water bill.

In Closing

In the debate of one piece vs two piece toilets, the choice ultimately rests in your hands and your bathroom’s needs. Each option has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Hence, the decision is a matter of personal preference.

Remember, it is not just about the flush – it is about the entire bathroom experience. So, weigh the above factors, consider your budget, and make a choice that best suits you.

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