How to unclog toilet when nothing works? 8 Effective way

Friends, just imagine, after flushing your toilet, the water tends to overflow nearly to the top of the bowl. It’s a horrible experience. That means your toilet might have been clogged up temporarily. Today we discuss How to unclog the toilet when nothing works with the top 8 best ways.

Very few people don’t face unclog toilet problems at any time in their life. It’s really an embracing as well as bad experience that I ever face in my life..

You can easily handle this problem by calling up a professional plumber but it’s so costly every time. If you know some tips and tricks then you can handle this problem any time without being a professional plumber.

Today I am here as your toilet doctor how to unclog toilet when nothing works and get rid of this uncomfortable situation as early as possible. So stay with us nevertheless you miss these tips and tricks.

How to unclog toilet when nothing works: Top 8 way

1. Using a plunger :

using a plunger is the oldest and most effective method to unclog a toilet. The plunger also finely works in a corner toilet or compact toilet.

First of all, you have to put on hand gloves for your hygiene issue. Hold the handle portion of a plunger. Then insert the rubber part into the toilet bowl and push down it slowly.

After inserting it you can see a completely airtight vacuum. Push the plunger down first slowly and then add more force as possible you can. Push it up and down several times to make sure of a tighter vacuum. Then you have to pull it out very quickly.

You can complete this whole task within 5 to 10 minutes to loosen the toilet clog down the toilet drain.

If you are not satisfied with a plunger then you should defiantly go with a soda and vinegar mixer to unclog your toilet.

2.  Using soda and vinegar mixer:

soda and vinegar mixer not only works to unclog your toilet but also helps to remove unwanted markers in your toilet.

One of the key things, you can get both items in your kitchen to a flushing toilet. Firstly, mix nicely one cup of soda into cups of water. Then pour it into your toilet bowl. Wait for five minutes. After that, pour two cups of vinegar into the toilet bowl.

This soda and vinegar mixer already works to loosen your toilet mole very quickly. You can notice that bubbles come out into your toilet bowl. Wait several times and then flush your toilet.

If the mixer does not work properly then you can go to the next step.

3. Using a plumbing snake:

A plumbing snake is working well to unclog the mole as well as the toilet tissue.  The maximum house owner has a plumbing snake. if you don’t have one, then you have to collect it from the market. It’s also known as a “Closet Auger.” It’s a flexible wire, which certainly helps you to reduce the mole.

Firstly put on gloves so that you can insert the wire more as you need. Then hold the rubber handle and insert the other portion of the wire into the toilet bowl. Spring slowly in clockwise. Do it several times until unclog the toilet.

4. Using soup and boil water:

 plumbing snake does not work properly then don’t be angry.  You should definitely go with the soup and boil water process.

Firstly, boil a gallon of water. Then squirt some daily soup and add to your toilet bowl. Then safely pure the boiled water into the toilet bowl. This mixer quickly helps to reduce the toilet mole. Wait for a few minutes then flush the toilet. Now we can finally goodbye to the unclogged toilet.

5. Using wet or dry cleaner:

sometimes using a wet or dry cleaner is an irritating situation because it’s a sucking process. But it’s more effective than another method that I discussed.

Firstly, put on rubber gloves for safety issues.  Then, suck out the water completely by using a vacuum. This vacuum process helps to remove any types of moles that unclog the toilet.

After emptying the bowl completely, insert the vacuum hose into the toilet slowly. Push it down whatever you can into the drain. To create a suction effect tie an old towel around the hose nicely and pushes into the toilet hole. Then switch on the vacuum and suck out the clog that unclogs your toilet.

6. The Snake

If you need a quick and cost-effective way to unclog your toilet, a toilet snake can be purchased for only $25 and repeatedly used without the need for chemicals. Just thread it around until the blockage is released, and voila.

However, this method isn’t without mess, so always put safety first – it’s sometimes better than using your hands! An added benefit of using a toilet snake is that it is particularly useful when clogs are sitting deep past the bowl’s level. If the traditional approach doesn’t work, however, contact certified plumbers or don’t reach for a clothes hanger as a substitute only to end up scratching your porcelain surface severely.

7. Household Bleach

If you’ve ever run into a problem with clogged toilets and wondered how to unclog a toilet with household bleach, the solution lies within the power of this deep cleaning agent. Like dish soap, household bleach helps break down the waste and replaces solid or liquid dishwashing soap with 2-3 cups of bleach.

Once you let the mixture sit for one or two minutes and then flush the toilet, you will find that the approach is more effective than traditional methods used for a clogged toilet. To finish the process, pour in one cup of powdered soap and wait another 10-15 minutes before giving it another flush to ensure it’s clear.

8. Finally, Contact a Plumber

Hiring a plumber may be the easiest and most reliable way of unclogging a stubborn toilet. At Pompano Beach Plumbers, we have all the right equipment to comprehensively tackle any blockages, so you don’t have to worry about flushing your investment down the drain.

If you want to know How to unclog the toilet when nothing works if not word above 8 way please write in the comment section. We will try to share more ways.

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