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How To Remove a Toilet by Yourself: Don’t pay for Plumber More!

Let’s face it. How to remove a toilet is a common question to the mass-people. Especially those who don’t have a decent budget to hire a plumber, they have become very much eager to learn. 

Believe me or not, I’ve been working on the toilet industry for the last couple of years and have been a self-declared nerd in this field. That’s because I’m going to teach you how to remove a toilet in 2021. This is my moral work for society. If you don’t have enough budget for hiring an expert plumber to remove your old toilet, then you may go through my suggestion. Let’s wink your eyes. 

How to Remove a Toilet in 2021

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To remove your old toilet and change that with a new one, you have to follow the following guidelines step by step, seriously! Once you’ll go through following the guidelines, you reach your destination within a couple of hours.  

Here is how to remove a toilet without a plumber.

How to remove a toilet

Step 1# Turn off the water Switch at first: 

It’s mandatory for you to switch off the water line first of all. This job is very important but a piece of cake by and large. Look at the water line that is behind the toilet or above the toilet bowl. 

Right now, turn on the knob to the clockwise in order that you can turn off the water supply line. 

Once you’ve done the job, now flush on once again. Make sure that the tank won’t refill anymore. The reason behind is that you have turn off the water supply line. Now, you probably need a piece of towel to soak up the remaining water that is still in the back of the tank. 

Finally, unscrew the water supply line from the tank. 

Step 2# Wind down the plastic bolts to the tank:

Now, the next step is to wind down the plastic bolts to the tank that are attached to the main part of the toilet body. You’ll want to have a pitcher or bucket to catch the water that comes out.

Alongside this, make sure that you’ve managed a wrench if the bolts are too many tight. 

By the way, once you’ve separated the two parts of the toilet, you’ve done the main job overall. 

Step 3# Depart the caps of the nuts: 

Once you did the previous job that I’ve mentioned earlier part of this article, now you need to pop off the caps of the nuts. One thing has on your mind that dismantling a toilet nut is somewhat tricky work. That is why you have to be tactful instead of applying force. 

Do you know how to remove rusty toilet nuts and bolts? If your toilet has become very much old like mine then you may the toilet very rusty. In this case, you probably have to manage a hacksaw to cut off the nuts.

Step 4# Remove the Toilet: 

After cutting off the toilet nuts, now it’s time to remove the toilet from its present place. So, put your hand and remove the toilet from its place. Sometimes, the old toilet has become heavy and you may be in need of your friend’s help to remove it.  Especially when you try to lift it up. 

Step 5# Cover the Toilet hole with a rag: 

After removing the toilet from its place, it now covers its hole with a rag in order to get rid of bad smell. Toilets have become connected with sluice. So, you have to cover the hole with a piece of rag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

You have already got all the basic knowledge that is related to how to remove a toilet. Now before start doing the ultimate work you may have a few questions on your mind and you want to solve those. Think of you, I’ve listed all the probable questions that are on your mind. Let’s look at a glance and enjoy those. 

Question: How long does it take to remove a toilet?

Answer: The total amount of time you spend to remove a toilet it depends on the purpose. If you want to remove your toilet in order to replace it with a new one, then it may take only a couple of hours. On the other hand, it may take the entire day or a few days if you want to re-floor your toilet to enhance your bathroom’s beauty. 

Question: Is it easy to remove a toilet?

Answer: Why not? If you follow the guidelines that I’ve given you on the top, then it must be easy for you. Believer me or not, to remove a toilet, a man doesn’t need to be an expert in this field at all. It’s a piece of cake if you follow my guidelines. 

Question: How do you remove a toilet and install it?

Answer: Follow my guidelines. Don’t need to do anything else. 

Question: How do you remove a stuck toilet bowl?

Answer: I’ve covered this part in another article. Visit and read that article. 

The bottom line of how to remove a toilet without plumber: 

Hey buddies! As though you’re an amateur of the plumbing industry, you can do the job without any help of the expensive plumbers if you follow my guidelines one by one which I’ve discussed you on the top. 

I hope that you could be able to remove a toilet we the new one. if you want to install a new toilet After removing your old one you can follow our post “how to install a new toilet“.

Let me know by commenting if you have any more questions that are related to this article topic. I’ll reply to you with the best answer as early as I can. 

Happy plumbing.

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