How to Remove a Bemis Toilet Seat

You may be wondering what is a Bemis Toilet seat? Anyone who has at one time wanted to acquire a new toilet seat, he or she must have come across the name. In apartments, toilet seats are regularly changed especially when a new tenant is coming in therefore replacing a toilet seat is done more often. So How to Remove a Bemis Toilet Seat safely?

Bemis toilet seats are usually held by metal bolts. Usually, there are two bolts behind the bowl which are used to fasten the seat to the toilet. You just have to use a screwdriver to remove the nuts.

In the rest of the article, I’ve discussed the whole procedure to remove a Bemis toilet with classic fastener style, the easiest way to remove a Bemis sta-tite and top-tite toilet seat and much more. So read till the end if you want to remove your Bemis toilet seat by yourself.

Various Bemis Fastener Styles

Older versions of Bemis toilet seats use only a plain bolt and wing nut. However, newer styles use Top-Tite and Sta-Tite. The newer versions are easier to adjust especially for cleaning purposes. The newer versions are also more advanced therefore, it is easier to remove and replace. Removing and replacement procedures of the fasteners are also different due to the advanced features.

How to Remove a Bemis Toilet Seat with Classic Fasteners

Bemis, the best toilet seat manufacturer has designed an easy way of fixing, adjusting and removing toilet seats. A Bemis toilet seat is attached by two screws which are always easy to open. Going through different surveys concerning toilet seats, people have chosen the Bemis Toilet seat. Most people appreciate its durability and the ease of removing the Bemis toilet seat. Bemis toilet seats are usually held by metal bolts with nylon washers which prevent them from rusting. Here are the steps that you can follow to remove a Bemis toilet seat with classic fasteners:

Step1: Locate the fasteners.

 The fasteners should be located under covers by the hinges of your toilet seat. You can also locate the fasteners under the toilet side and they are usually aligned with the top fasteners.

Step 2: Determine the type of Headers

Determining the head type of your fasteners is also very essential. The most common types of headers in the market include; flathead, hexagonal and Philips. When opening you can use pliers to hold the washer at the bottom end or you can also use your hand. It all depends on how hard it is to open the bolts.

Step 3: Hold the bottom nut in place.

 Bottom nuts also come in different styles, therefore, you need to determine the type of your bottom nut. It may be either wing or hexagonal, you may need to use a type of wrench or your fingers. It also depends on how easy it is to open.

Step 4: Remove the bolt.

All fasteners should be opened in an anti-clockwise direction. You will need to use a screwdriver of a given specification depending on the design of your fastener.

Step 5: Clean the rim.

The locations of the fasteners may be very dirty since it is not accessible during regular cleaning. A sharp object that can penetrate through can be very helpful during such situations.

Moreover, toilet seats need to be regularly cleaned.

How to Remove Bemis Sta-Tite Toilet Seats

As earlier I explained, the Bemis toilet seat is held by a screwed bolt that penetrates from the top to the bottom side of the toilet bowl. You need to remove the Bemis toilet seat completely for better cleaning. The Sta-Tite toilet seats are more advanced therefore, they are even easier to use than the earlier version of toilet seats.

How To remove Bemis Toilet seat:

Unscrew the plastic nuts from the bottom of the bowl. Sometimes it is easy to unscrew using your hand. After unscrewing, just pull the toilet seat off. This usually works with the older versions of the Bemis Toilet seats. The new version of the Bemis toilet seats will take a little bit of extra effort from you.

How to Remove Bemis Top-Tite® Toilet Seats

The Bemis Top-Tite® fastener system uses a bolt and nut like a classic toilet seat. However, both are made from plastic with heads that fracture when the correct torque is reached during toilet installation. To remove the seat, follow these steps.

  • Expose the bolt head. Then, remove the caps from the bolts behind your seat.
  • Grip the bottom nut. Use a screwdriver or combination wrench to hold the plastic nut on the bottom. Sometimes you can just use  your hand
  • Take away the fastener. Use a screwdriver or a socket to unscrew the fastener. Just hold the bottom part with your hand for efficient unscrewing.
  • Pull the seat off.

Bemis Easy Clean Toilet Seat Removal

There are different types of Bemis toilet seats. However, in the market, there are two outstanding designs.

The first is removed by pulling forward and sliding the toilet seat off the fasteners.

The second requires pressing down on the back of the toilet seat until it clicks and pulling up and off the fasteners.

How to Install a Replacement Bemis Toilet Seat

You will never find an easy technical activity as replacing a Bemis Toilet seat. This is one of the jobs that you will never require a technician to take you through the process. After removing the Bemis toilet seat, you can now follow these easy steps to replace the seat:

  • Firstly, Bout the ends of the toilet seat hinges to the back of the toilet bowl.
  • Place the toilet seat flat on the top of the toilet bowl, making sure that the threads on the hinge bolts are visible.
  • Place a washer on each hinge bolt and tighten. You are done replacing your Bemis toilet seat.

How is the experience? Easy task, isn’t it?

The process is quite simple, isn’t it? But sometimes the toilet seat’s nuts gets stuck because of rust or due to being closed for a long time.

So How To Remove a Toilet Seat When the Nuts are Oxidized?

Bolts usually get in contact with water more regularly. Therefore, you can always expect rusting. Sometimes it gets stuck hard because of staying like this for a long time.

Opening a rusty bolt can be very hectic at times. They become very hard to open. Whenever you experience such a problem, just spray the rusty nuts with WD40 and leave them for a while before opening.

Alcohol-based gel especially vinegar can prove to be very effective when WD40 doesn’t solve your problem. This is not 100 percent effective solution therefore, if both procedures do not work, you can cut off the bolts. Moreover, to avoid such problems in the future, you can cover the bolts to prevent them from getting into contact with water. You can use taps in this case. This will prevent nuts from getting rust.

Adjusting a Bemis Toilet Seat

Bemis toilet seats are always properly fixed and held in place. There are rare cases of Bemis Toilet Seats coming out of place. Whenever you get such a rare occurrence with your Bemis toilet seat, you can just follow these simple steps to adjust the seat.

Foremost, you need to relax the nut on the bottom side of the toilet seat fasteners slightly. Now, it may be loose enough that you can make slight adjustments to the alignment of the seat. If the procedure does not work, you can use the above-given procedure of removing the entire seat followed by the fixing procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Fix a Bemis Slow Close Toilet Seat?

A joint reason to remove a Bemis Toilet Seat is that the soft close feature stopped working. Cleaning may be the main suspect for you to experience a slow close of the Bemis toilet seat. For good results, use hot water to clean the Bemis toilet seat. Mix the water with soap so that it can be very easy to remove all the stains. Whenever you apply the soapy water on your toilet seat, give it a minimum of 15 minutes, then start cleaning. After a thorough cleaning process, the lid should start functioning normally.

Cleaning may not be the only reason. A broken hinge can also be the cause of slow closing. You can replace the hinges with new ones. When making an order for toilet hinges, you need to be aware of the specifications of your toilet seat.

Where can I get the product number of my Bemis Toilet Seat?

The Bemis toilet seat product number can be found outside the box holding your product when you buy.

Is the Bemis Toilet Seat Good?

To be frank, the Bemis Toilet Seat is the best. It is very easy to remove, clean and fix back. In terms of money, you cannot find a pocket-friendly toilet seat like the Bemis toilet seat on the market. They are doing it without compromising quality.

It’s durability is another speciality that makes Bemis toilet seat stand out among others in the market. The Bemis Toilet seat is also available all over the globe and therefore, these are easily accessible.

Is the Soft Close Toilet Seat Any Good?

These seats won’t make any noise when closing compared to the older versions of toilet seats relieving you from irritiating sounds. This is your best choice for your bathroom.


A toilet seat has always proven to be an essential part of your toilet. Sometimes people can use it to sit on and relax when they are in the washroom. Getting a quality Bemis toilet seat may prove to be very economical. We never anticipate for things breaking down but whenever the need arises, replacement becomes imminent.

Therefore, knowing how to remove a Bemis toilet seat and even replace it is very important. Going through the above-given procedure, you realize that the process is so easy and the help of a technician is not even important. Thus you can also relax your pocket.

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