How To Dispose Of A Toilet: 4 Common and Effective Methods

Are you wondering how to dispose of a toilet? When it is time to bid farewell to an old or broken toilet, proper disposal is essential for both the environment and the community.

Traditionally, people take 4 approaches to disposing of their toilets. These are – through curbside trash pickup, through a solid waste transfer station or landfill, selling or donating the toilet, or recycling it.

Don’t fret; I will help you navigate this process with ease. I will walk you through the steps to responsibly and safely Remove a Toilet by Yourself.

Let’s get started on this journey to eco-friendly toilet disposal!  

How To Dispose Of A Toilet? 4 Methods People Often Follow

As far as I am concerned, you have 4 options when it comes to disposing of your toilet. I will discuss each method one after another. This way, you can determine the best option for you. 

Method 1: Curbside Trash Pickup

You can dispose of your toilet through curbside pickup. Before going with this approach, you should verify if this service is available in your locality. Contact the local waste disposal company or check their website to find out whether they accept toilets if you leave them on the curb.

Without prior notice, some waste disposal companies won’t take away old toilets. Moreover, some areas have specific guidelines for disposing of toilets. They may require scheduling a special pickup or taking it to a designated facility.

In some cases, the waste management facility or curbside pickup service may ask you to remove non-porcelain parts. Basically, these include the seat, lid, and any plastic or metal components. Contact your local waste management or sanitation department to see if this step is necessary.

Once you have confirmed that curbside pickup is available for toilets, prepare the toilet according to any specified requirements. You should place it outside on the designated pickup day.

While leaving the toilet on the curb, follow your area’s guidelines. Please be advised that improper placement may result in the pickup being missed or delayed.

The following video shows the ultimate way to dispose of a porcelain toilet.

Method 2: Utilize Solid Waste Transfer And Landfills

There are some specific guidelines to follow when disposing of a toilet in landfills and solid waste transfer stations. First and foremost, you should contact your local waste management authority for specific instructions and regulations.

If you can’t contact them physically, you can check their website. Each area may have different rules for disposing of large items like toilets. You can get the most accurate and up-to-date information by contacting them.

In most cases, you will need to prepare the toilet for disposal. Start by removing any non-porcelain parts. Depending on your area’s guidelines, these parts may need to be disposed of separately or recycled.

Although this is not always the case, some waste management facilities may ask you to wrap the toilet in plastic. Alternatively, they may ask you to use a heavy-duty bag to prevent scattering during transport. Usually, it is required to keep the area clean.

If you have access to a vehicle, carefully transport the prepared toilet to the designated landfill or solid waste transfer station. Also, some facilities may charge a disposal fee for toilets.

At the same time, you should learn the staff’s instructions for disposing of the toilet. Consult with the landfill or transfer station in advance to determine any associated costs and additional instructions.

Additional Tips For Disposing Of A Toilet

In order to help you dispose of your toilet perfectly, I have shared some pro tips. When you are 100% sure that you need to get rid of your toilet, you should follow these tips. Remember, these tips are applicable for methods 1 and 2 only.

  • Secure The Toilet Properly: Make sure the toilet won’t pose a hazard to passersby or waste collectors. If needed, you can weigh down the toilet or secure it to prevent it from tipping over.
  • Label It For Pickup: If your area requires you to label or tag large items for pickup, do so according to their guidelines. This will help waste collectors identify and pick up toilets efficiently.
  • Hire A Professional Service: If you are not sure about the proper disposal process, consider hiring a professional waste disposal service.

Such services specialize in large item pickup or recycling. Besides, hiring a professional service is a good idea when your local curbside pickup doesn’t accept toilets.

Method 3: Sell Or Donate

If your toilet is in good condition and still functional, you can sell it online through various platforms. You can look into various classified ad websites, online marketplaces, or social media groups for this.

Take clear pictures of the toilet, write a detailed description, and set a reasonable price. In addition, specify whether the buyer is responsible for transportation or if you offer delivery.

If you can’t sell your toilet or don’t want to, you can just donate it. There are many charitable organizations that may accept donations of gently used home fixtures, including toilets.

For donating your toilet, look for organizations associated with housing or home improvement. For example, Habitat for Humanity ReStores may be interested in accepting such donations. Moreover, local charities or thrift shops may also accept used toilets.

If your toilet is still in good working condition and you know someone in need of one, you can give it to them directly. This can be an excellent way to help someone who can’t afford a new toilet. 

Method 4: Recycle

Before attempting to recycle the toilet, you will need to prepare it by removing any non-porcelain parts. That is because not all recycling centers accept porcelain toilets. So, it is better to check beforehand.

To find out if there is any program for recycling large items like toilets, contact your local recycling center or visit their website. Some centers may have specific drop-off days for accepting these items.

With that said, you may need to transport the toilet to the recycling center yourself. Before doing so, inquire about any specific drop-off instructions or fees that may apply. In addition, you can advertise your outdated toilet on Freecycle. After listing, schedule a time and location for the removal of your toilet.

The video provided below shows a funny way to recycle a toilet. You will find it interesting.

Additional Tips For Recycling A Toilet

Recycling your old toilet is certainly a good idea if you don’t want to dispose of it. With the following tips, you can recycle your toilet with ease.

  • Protect The Toilet During Transport: To avoid damage during transportation, consider wrapping the toilet in plastic. Alternatively, you can wrap it with old blankets or towels.
  • Follow Safety Guidelines: Always use proper lifting techniques to avoid injuries. If the toilet is too heavy or difficult to handle on your own, seek assistance from a friend or family member.
  • Consider Recycling Alternatives: In some cases, there might be companies or organizations specializing in recycling or repurposing old toilets. You can look for such options in your area.

Bottom Line

Knowing how to dispose of a toilet responsibly is not only beneficial for the environment but also contributes to sustainable waste management practices. Each option discussed above plays a crucial role in giving the old toilet a new purpose.

Apart from being old, there are various reasons to dispose of a toilet. Sometimes, people sell or dispose of their toilets when the seat turns blue . For proper disposal procedures, always check local regulations and guidelines. Let’s work together to promote a more sustainable approach to toilet disposal.

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