Best Galba small toilet review and Buying Guide.

 Having a tiny bathroom space such a pain. Galba Small toilets have an attractive design and ideal for small bathroom spaces. After using this toilet feels like a full-size toilet. This really works great in your small bathroom.

When you unable to decorate your bathroom in your own choices, due to tightly spaced in your bathroom. Galba is the best solution at that time.

The Best Small Toilet GALBA has a powerful flushing system with using water-saving technology.

There are a lot of Small toilets are available in the market, but not one as easy to install as the Galba toilet.

However, GALBA tiny toilet comes in the market place with your entire problem’s solution within one package. You can decorate all the things in a perfect way in your tiny bathroom if you creatively and willingly apply some efforts.

Best Galba small toilet

The Galba toilet is one of the most compact toilets for the small bathroom space. This toilet is not only Tiny Design but also stylish, fashionable, and luxurious. It’s true that it’s the smallest floor mount toilets, being only 2.45 “long, x 13.5” wide x 28.5” High with dual vertex spiral flush mechanism. This is adult-sized and the seat is 16.5” above the floor at a comfortable height. The GALBA Toilet has a lot of good reviews in online as well as the tiny size and one-piece skirted design.

However, as it’s a new brand, a lot of question gathering in my mind like, who makes Galba toilets? Who is selling it? Where is it from? Is it suitable for an adult? Etc.  A lot of questions had also arisen when I first time heard about it. So by this post, I will try to answer the entire question that arises in your mind about GALBA toilet manufacture.

GALBA Small Toilets
  • Best for small bathrooms
  • Compact design
  • Self-cleaning surface
  • Dual Flush system
  • long-lasting
  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy to install
  • The seat is not well-built
  • Quite expensive
  • Need to clean the toilet often

Who makes Galba toilets?

Simply answered that Galba toilets are made in china in 2013. some users asked on the Amazon page of Galba toilets, where Galba toilets are manufactured?

So, Galba toilet says” I’m here to answer the entire question arise in your mind. I’m made in china and with just about all the ceramic ware here in the USA. Who is selling Galba Toilets? ‘Luxury Modern Home’ who is the original seller of this toilet had answered.

Luxury Modern home is in East Hanover, NJ based supplier and sailor of high-quality home decorating instruments at reasonable prices. This company always represents some new products to the USA’s market place that are creative, innovative, Standard quality and obviously fashionable.

The Shortest Toilet Length Among The Smallest Toilets!

 If you need a space-saving toilet or a compact toilet for a small bathroom then Galba is probably your best choice. At 24 inches depth, the Galba MU113 25 inch depth toilet and about two or three inches smaller than other small toilet models. And it’s shorter around 6 inches than regular toilets!

One of the key thing about GALBA toilet that it got several high-end toilet features like one-piece design, the dual flush mechanism (half flush 0.8gal, full flush 1.6gal), adequate flushing power and a very stylish skirted design. You cannot find out another one which is smaller with these added features.

GALBA small toilet features with Best one-piece of toilet design and Self-Cleaning glazed surface would not scratch, rust, fade, or discolor. It has powerful G-Max Siphon -Dual Flush. Has ELONGATED Toilet Bowl that gives a new look of this toilet.

It’s not for everyone’s budget. However, it’s appealing the investment because of its gorgeous appearance and also has got many things to recommend it. And it’s satisfied the customers demand been in the market for nearly 5 years now (since 2013) and is very highly rated and praised by purchasers.

The Amazon page of Galba small toilet 24.5″ long  SMALL TOILET, is the most wide-ranging source of information about Galba toilets you will find on the Internet. It’s got loads of images, reviews, questions and answers by customers and the seller, “Luxury Modern Home”.

Features of Galba small Toilet:-

  • Color: white
  • Round or elongated toilet bowl and seat.
  • One-piece design made from vitreous china
  • Idol for small bathrooms
  • Self – cleaning glazed surface, would not scratch rush, fade or discolor
  • New and improved slow-closing designer seat with quick disconnect included.
  • Smooth sided design to eliminate crevices for easy cleaning.
  • Powerful, quiet flush every time.
  • 12” rough-in
  • 3” flush valve diameter (compared to standard 2”)
  • The water surface is 6”x 4” and 5.5” high.
  • Low consumption at 1.6 gallons per flush.
  • The totat high from the fluor is 16.5”
  • Flushing System: Dual flush
  • Half flush: 0.8 gallons per flush
  • Full flush: 1.6 gallons per flush.
  • Surpasses national G B standard cleaning water test
  • MAP flush test 350.
  • Upc and cups Approved
  • One year manufacturer parts warranty.


  • Dimension : 25” log x 13 “ wide x 27” tall tank
  • Weight : 90 ibs (41 kg)
  • Unpacked box : 28” log x 16 “ wide x 31”
  • Packing box : 29” long x 19 “ wide x 32”

The Final Word 

So, if you want a Harrow small Toilet with is round or elongated but long-lasting and fashionable then your 1st choose will be the Galba small Toilet.

These people who were a short height problem or physical disability or who are elderly in your home then their 1st choice will be the one and only Harrow small Toilet. It’s just like a small package with vast facilities.

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