Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper Review

Are you looking for an ungovernable ultra soft toilet paperCharmin ultra soft toilet paper has covered what you need. Besides all the common matters, it’s softer than ever so that it’s harder than to resist.

Charmin ultra soft is a typical go-to toilet paper, together with enough softness. With good absorbency and thickness, it can be the best choice for using the most private areas of our health.

Overall, this product has enough softness you expect. To use with your family member, Charmin ultra soft toilet paper can be the best one as it has the unique comfort cushions.

The Charmin rolls are slightly softer than the other brands but weight is less than the others.

If you consider buying this ultra-soft toilet paper, it’ll get you nice and clean, along with dry as well. When it comes to softness, Charmin maybe is the champion. There is nothing not to like about the Charmin Ultra Soft ever. It’ll let you feel like being wiped by an angel.

So, considering all the facts, it’s a great chance for you to save lots of money to buy this (especially if you make a bulk order).

Features of Charmin ultra soft toilet paper:

Here are some common features of Charmin ultra soft toilet paper. Let’s look at a glance.

  1. Double roll 48 counts.
  2. 2-ply toilet paper.
  3. 154 sheets in each roll.

Advantages of Charmin ultra soft toilet paper:

  1. Cost-effective.
  2. Long-lasting.
  3. Truly amazing.
  4. Made of the USA.
  5. It’ll let you feel good.
  6. Has super duper durability.
  7. With the coupon code, you might be able to buy at a very cheap rate. 
  8. Charmin is brandable to deliver its products on time in the whole USA.
  9.  It also lasts longer than other types too.
  10. Septic-safe and clog-safe.
  11. It has the outstanding quality you want.
  12. User can use it up to 4X less.
  13. It has the ability of 75% more extra absorbent.
  14. Capable of giving a touch of soothing lotion.
  15. Rolls are very soft and cushy. So, you’ll feel very happy at the time of using. Happy wiping!
  16. To feel thicker and gentle, this toilet paper can be one of the best choices for you.


  • This product won’t ship outside of the USA.
  • Good enough, but free from perfume, scent, and lotion.
  • Rolls are small compared to other brands roll.
  • Soft but not strong enough.
  • Rolls are slightly narrower than the standard size.
  • Rolls are very small and mightn’t last a very long time.

Brand Awareness:

Compared to all the other brands, Charmin is one of the leading bargain companies you’ve ever imagined. This is one of the favorite brands in the grocery industry.  As Charmin has been approved by Roto-rooter so it can be used without any doubt.

Roto-rooter plumbers have used it on their house many times to discover how septic-safe and clog-safe Charmin is. Apart from this, residential plumbers prefer Charmin to other brands.

Once you buy any item from Charmin, you don’t have to use as much toilet paper as we do at the time of using other brands. You can try various other brands, however, you must come back to this one because it’s the best one.

Price VS Value and usability:

Though the price of this product might be a little bit high compared to Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Bath Tissue and Amazon brand, you’ll get the highest value if you purchase. Usability is also enough. By and large, this is a great product for an amazing PRICE!

Moreover, this toilet paper is the cheapest one to buy in bulk. So, check it out bang on.

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Level of recommendation:


You might have bought many different toilet paper till now, but you’re not happy with anyone of them. Right? Eventually, you’re still finding out the best toilet paper for you.

Considering all the advantages and disadvantages of this product, along with existing consumer’s reviews, Charmin ultra soft toilet tissue is highly recommended for you.

Final Thought:

So, try charmin ultra soft toilet paper to get the super cleaning experience today. Considering all the features, Charmin ultra soft continues to be one of the best options for a softer go.

If you need a soft toilet paper, we would highly recommend you because it’s much softer than Charmin basic. You’ll never have any problem with it.

FAQ: That are related to Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper:

What could be the biggest reason for buying this product?

This is a question that everyone makes on his/her mind before buying any product. Which one is the biggest fact that I have to purchase this product instead of the others 

The main reason behind to buy this product is it has the softness and strong enough at the same time. You’ll feel the tranquility in your heart while using. On the total, it’s a great product.

Can it be used in an RV toilet?

Of course! You can use charmin ultra soft toilet paper in RV toilet as well. There won’t be any problem at all. But, we don’t highly recommend you using this product in an RV toilet as there are many toilet paper for RV toilet.

Will it shatter my skin?

Any toilet tissue may shatter your skin. To get rid of this, you need to know about the brand and the product you’re consuming. Make sure that the product is free from all kinds of dangerous materials.

Indeed, some of the users of Charmin ultra soft toilet tissue faced a problem with this. It may shatter and leave crumbs on your skin after wiping.

How will this product be for own and family health?

To consider all the facts and features of this product, it’s not bad at all. This product can be used for your entire family beside you.

We didn’t face any kind of physical problem yet. So, don’t roam under confusion.

Is it important to take care of the toilet paper brand?

Yes! As toilet paper is to use the most private areas of our health, So, you should focus on the toilet paper brand.

Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

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