Top 10 Best Toto Toilet Reviews

TOTO is one of the leading brands in the toilet industry, making one of the best comfortable toilets in the world. If you are looking to find one of the best toilets for your new home or just changing your bathroom, then you are probably wondering which TOTO seat you will take. Today in this article i try to review the top 10 Best Toto Toilet.

When it comes to delivering the quality of the toilets, TOTO brands never disappoint in their quality. The price perfectly matches its quality, and you are in the perfect place looking for the right product. The reason why this brand is so perfect in what it does is that it has perfected its craft.

 TOTO is a Japanese company that started in the year 1917, and ever since, it has maintained its position as the best in the market. For long, this company has managed to gain a lot of trust from its customers as it delivers outstanding products.

The company is known for its EPA and ADA compliant design. There are different products from TOTO that offer the users a wide range of options that they can easily choose from. In this article, we will discuss some of the best TOTO toilets and its best features, so you have a clue about the bathroom you want.

1. Toto Ms604114cefg#01 Ultramax II

The first TOTO toilet that I would highly recommend is the UltraMax two toilet. This is a high efficient one-piece elongated toilet that will perfectly suit your bathroom needs. The toilet has a high quality look to it that comes from the COFIONTECT glaze on the bowl that gives it the lubricious quality.

There is an excellent advantage to this as it helps in preventing the particles from adhering to the bowl easily. The toilet is high efficiency because it uses about 1.28 gallons of water per flush, and this is so economical.

The other good thing about this TOTO toilet is that it has this powerful flush that comes from the TOTO tornado flush system.

When considering a toilet system, it is crucial to consider the fact that the toilet has a powerful flush that ensures all the particles are off the bowl.

 The thing that makes this toilet the first on our best TOTO toilet is the fact that it has a universal height to it.

This is something to keep in mind as it allows comfort across a wide range of users. This toilet also includes a soft close seat that is also an advantage. All the standards are entirely met by this toilet, making it an excellent choice for your bathroom.

2. Toto Cst454cefg#01 Drake Ii 2-Piece Toilet

The other TOTO toilet that offers you some real unmatched performance and durability is the TOTO Drake two toilet. The design of TOTO toilet seat is perfect to the dot, and it has this universal height to it too.

The importance of a universal height to a toilet is that there is total comfort across a vast number of users. Just like the ultra max toilet, this toilet features the TOTO tornado flush that flushes the toilet efficiently without leaving particles behind.

This version also features CEFIONTECT, which is a smooth glaze that ensures no particles remain on the toilet. The Drake toilet uses less water about 1.28 gallons per flush, and together with the other features like the glaze, you probably use less water in cleaning.

The design is impressive, and that is the reason you should get this product. The other thing that I like about this toilet is that it has a quiet flush every time you use it even though it is potent.

3. Toto Drake Elongated Bowl And Tank

Toto Drake Elongated Bowl And Tank

The other TOTO toilet that stands out is the TOTO Drake elongated bowl and tank toilet. This toilet ultimately stands out in the design as it’s convenient, comfortable, and a very user friendly product. TOTO did not take any chance with the design as it tries to ensure that this product will conveniently serve you for a long time.

Several features elevate this toilet and make it so outstanding. One of the best features in the toilet is the G-Max flush technology. This is a very advanced and Best flushing toilet technology, and even the flush valve is large compared to the conventional flush systems we are used to.

The flushing system works perfectly as the siphon jet ensures that water flow increases as more water is drawn to the bowl quickly while forcing out more. The big flush valve ensures that there is a fast flush to the toilet. The other thing is the fully glazed trap way that also ensures that particles don’t easily stick to the bowl.

All these features ensure that the toilet is perfectly clean. This toilet is perfect for both home and commercial use, and it tends to complement many bathroom styles. Among the best TOTO toilet, this is an ideal toilet for a friendly budget.

4. Toto Cst412mf.01 Aquia Dual Flush

Toto Cst412mf.01 Aquia Dual Flush

Dual flush is growing in popularity these days as they offer you the ability to choose how you flush the toilet. While compiling the best TOTO toilets, the Aquia dual flush toilet happened to draw a lot of attention with its features. Firstly it offers you a dual flush that ensures maximum flushing for your toilet.

With a dual flush system, there is very little water consumption as you can decide on using less or more water. When using the bulk flush, you will technically use about 1.6 gallons per flush, while the liquids will require you to use about 0.9 gallons per flush.

This toilet has an elongated bowl and tank set; however, there is a small seat on the bathroom, which is a disadvantage. The other thing about the toilet is that it has this universal height to it that is very favorable a person of any height, thus ensuring comfort.

There are a whole bunch of things that make this toilet stand out and be on the top five best TOTO toilets. Therefore, when considering a proper TOTO toilet, it would be better to consider this dual flush Aquia toilet.

5. Toto Cst416m#03 Aquia Ii 2-Piece Toilet

Toto Cst416m#03 Aquia

The other Aquia toilet is the two-piece toilet that maintains the grand design of the TOTO brands. There are lots of features that this two-piece toilet has a firstly is the dual max flush system. This dual max flushing system is so effective in ensuring that the toilet is clean as all the waste clears from the bowl.

It uses 1.6 gallons per flush for solid waste and 0.9 gallons per flush for liquid waste. This system also ensures that this toilet can match the EPA Water Sense requirements. There is also a Sana gloss glaze finish to the toilet that ensures no particles stick to the toilet, thus less cleaning needed. 

Also, the toilet has this cotton white finish to it that ensures that the toilet is sparkling in your bathroom and can match many toilet aesthetics. Unlike the other TOTO toilets that we have covered, this toilet has just a regular height of the bowl.

There are several advantages of getting this toilet as it uses less water during cleaning, and it will last long because of the material that makes it. All these features make the Aquia two toilets among the top five best TOTO toilets in today’s market.

6. Toto Washlet G400 Bidet Toilet

The other best TOTO toilet is the G400 washlet toilet that will transform your toilet experience.  This is like the futuristic toilet in your bathroom today. There are lots of features integrated into the toilet that takes it from just a regular toilet to a superb toilet.

The G400 toilet comfort begins right at the moment you go into your bathroom and approaching the toilet. The toilet lid opens up automatically to welcome you to the toilet, and all this is hands-free. 

The toilet consists of a CEFIONTECT glaze, and there is a spray that sprays on the surface of the bowl to prevent the sticking of the particles. These two features in the toilet ensure less cleaning on your toilet while maintaining ultimate cleanliness. When doing your thing, there is a technology that ensures your seat is warm and heated.

These ensure you are having the best time at the loo. There are around five-seat warming temperature settings on this toilet, which make it even useful during the winter. Once finished, there is a remote-controlled cleaning that starts either from the front or back; whichever side you want to choose to clean.

The other feature is the 3D tornado that helps in ensuring ultimate cleaning. This is the perfect toilet that you can get if you are into the automatic toilets, and this is ultimately the best TOTO toilet out here.

7. Toto Mw614574cefg#01 Washlet+ Carlyle Ii One-Piece

There is another washlet toilet, and that is the Carlyie two that also has very amazing features. This toilet is unique as it integrates both technology, comfort, and cleanness into your bathroom.

The toilet features a tornado flush with a COFIONTECT glaze that ensures that there is a perfectly clean bowl. The glaze ensures that the particles cannot easily remain on the bowl. The other thing is the EWATER+ technology that helps in keeping the surface of the toilet clean too. The other thing about the toilet is the comfort and luxury that the toilet offers.

There is a heated seat also, air deodorizer, and a bunch of stuff that elevates the seat comfort. This TOTO toilet is good too, as it conserves water up to 20% since it uses about 1.28 gallons per flush.

There are lots of technologies in this toilet, including the Air-in Wonder wave that provides a firm yet gentle water stream. The thing about the toilet is that you cannot run out of warm water because of the tankless feature meaning instantaneous heating.

All these features ideally make this toilet one of the best TOTO toilets that you need to get.

8. Toto Ms854114elg#01 Eco Ultramax Ada Elongated One Piece Toilet

The Eco Ultra max toilet is a perfect toilet masterpiece from the TOTO company that will elevate how your bathroom looks. The first thing that stands out about this toilet is its design. The toilet has a perfect design and several features that make this toilet a must get if you are a TOTO toilets fan.

Firstly the toilet has a Sana gloss touch to it meaning the toilet is super smooth with ion barrier glazing cleans. These glosses, as we have seen in other toilets, ensure that there is a perfect clean on your bowl with every flush. Also, the trapway is fully glazed that helps in the cleanness of the toilet.

The other thing about the toilet is that it has a fast flush probably 3-inch wide flush valve, which is more significant than regular valves. This largeness is what ensures that you can easily have a quick flush to your bowl and, thus, a clean toilet. The toilet is of ADA height, therefore, a comfortable height for a person of any height. This toilet conserves a lot of water since it has the E-max low consumption feature to it, and it uses about 1.28 gallons per flush.

9. TOTO MS853113E#01 Eco Ultramax

The TOTO MS853113E#01 Eco UltraMax is the best one piece toilet. That cannot happen to miss the list of the top ten best TOTO toilets. This is a round toilet, and it has a universal height; therefore, anyone can comfortably use it. Also, the toilet embodies the CEFIONTECT that which is a layer of exceptionally smooth glaze.

The glaze in the toilet is what makes it unique as the particles don’t easily adhere to the bowl walls making the bowl dirty. This TOTO toilet also has a E-Max Flushing System, and when you couple it with the glaze, you are sure of a perfectly clean toilet. The toilet is highly efficient in conserving water as it even uses about 1.28 gallons per flush.

There is a soft close seat included on the toilet. It also features a siphon jet flushing action system, which helps in creating a forceful action on every flush.  The rim of the toilet does not have any holes meaning that the cleaning is super easy, and the toilet has this seamless appearance.

The final thing that makes this toilet epic is that it is made of a high gloss polypropylene that makes the toilet resistant from chemicals and cleaning agents.

10. Toto Cst412mf.10#01 Plumbing Part

This is the last TOTO toilet that makes it to our list of the best TOTO toilets, and it got some excellent features that we couldn’t ignore. One of the things that make this toilet special is the dual-max flushing system, which helps in reducing the consumption of water.

The toilet uses about 1.6 gallons per flush for the solids and approximately 0.9 gallons per flush for liquids. The dual flush option offers you a chrome push button, and this toilet is elongated, and it includes a bowl and a tank.

The only problem with this toilet is it does not offer you a toilet seat, which you will need to buy separately. The toilet has a universal height, meaning that anyone can comfortably use this toilet. Beauty is the other thing that will attract you to buying this toilet as the design is top-notch, thus transforming your bathroom.

Things To Consider For Buying Toto Toilet

Flushing System

There is no need to buy a toilet if it does not have the best flushing system. If your toilet is not flushed correctly, then that means that there will be a lot of waste particles on your bowl. Hygiene is something that you should significantly consider when dealing with bathrooms that are in the house.

Therefore, when considering buying a TOTO toilet, it is vital to check the flushing system. There are standard flush systems and also a dual flush system. The dual flush system offers you the ability to choose whether a full flash or just a partial flash. 


The size of the toilet matters most when considering to buy a toilet. Some sizes are so small, and big people may find them hard to use while some are so big, and kids can’t use them. Therefore when choosing a toilet, you need to know who is going to use the toilet and the right size.

Size also helps in determining if the toilet can fit in your bathroom. Determining the right size of the toilet in your bathroom is one of the best choices that can guide you in making the right buying choices.


The Toto toilet colors is a factor that you need to take a very keen note on while shopping for toilets. The bathroom style is one of the things you will need to keep in mind as the color will help in improving its orientation.

The other is that you can easily ensure a perfect clean on a toilet if it’s ideal while than if the toilet is black or some color. White is the standard toto toilet color used in many bathrooms as it’s from porcelain, and it’s a very smooth material. Thus it’s essential always to consider buying a white toilet as it will save you a lot.


The height of the toilet is the other thing that is very crucial when considering to buy a toilet. Some toilets are very low, and that makes it very difficult for some people to use. When looking for a TOTO toilet, it’s essential to look for a toilet that meets the requirement of ADA.

Some other toilets have a universal height, which means a wide range of people can easily and comfortably use the toilet. A toilet should be a very comfortable place, and someone should not have a problem while accessing it because of its height.

Toilet Construction

The other important thing that is a must consider is the toilet construction. The materials used in making a toilet are essential as they help in ensuring the toilet is clean. For example, the use of porcelain is vital in a toilet as it helps in maintaining the white color of the toilet, which makes cleaning easy.

Also, toilets that have high gloss are crucial as they ensure that materials do not remain on the toilet, thus a clean finish. There are lots of factors to the toilet construction that you will need to consider before deciding on buying a toilet.

American Disabilities Act (ADA) Guideline

There are some regulations that the American Disabilities Act guidelines as the correct way bathrooms should be accessed.

The bathrooms should be ADA compliant. if you happen to be setting up bathrooms for commercial, then you need to consider this. Some of the ADA guidelines include grid bars that must be around 34 to 38 inches above the floor.

These bars should have a smooth surface so that they can grab them easily. There should be some rotating space to allow easy access to the bathroom, and it should allow 180 degrees rotation. The other thing is that the toilet should be of height about 17 to 19 inches above the ground. So that the disabled can easily use them.

The lavatory installation is another thing, and the sink must be 34 inches above the ground with clearance for knees underneath.  Therefore when considering a TOTO toilet, all these ADA guidelines must be kept in mind.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Guidelines

Some guidelines have been put in place to help protect the environment. When considering buying a toilet, it’s essential to keep in mind that the water you are using is not going to waste. The federal regulations state that the maximum flush volume should be around 1.6 gallons per flush.

When buying a TOTO toilet, it is essential even to consider buying toilets that are certified because they use less water. These guidelines are necessary as they help in reducing the amount of energy used in pumping water.

The water will also benefit the environment as it will help in restoring wetlands as less water will flush to the toilet.   Several other environmental protection agency guidelines are developing every day to ensure we protect the environment. 

Water is one essential thing that can help in solving some of the problems that we are facing today in our lives.

Extra Features

When choosing a TOTO toilet, the best advice is that you check for better or extra features that the toilet has. Some of the additional features include the temperature-controlled toilet seat in some toilet seats.

This feature is essential if you happen to be living in areas that are so cold, and you don’t want to be using a real cold toilet seat. The other extra feature includes the EWATER feature that is a safe and compound feature that helps with ensuring the toilet is perfectly clean.

 Some highlight in some toilets today consists of the instantaneous water heating feature where the toilet is tankless.  Some toilets have some self-cleaning wand on them that help in ensuring the toilet is thoroughly clean.

There is an air-in Wonderwave that helps with the toilet cleaning as it ensures that there is pressure on the water for perfect cleaning.


When considering buying anything, it’s essential to consider the budget you have at hand and what you are will spend. TOTO toilets are regarded as high-end toilets as the company has gained a lot of reputation in that sector.

Therefore, when considering buying a toilet, it’s crucial to know what the TOTO toilet costs. The average cost of a TOTO toilet is around $300, and there are some of the fees that you will need to pay, especially shipping and taxes that can end up about $500.

Therefore, you will need to do the right calculations to be able to get a proper TOTO toilet. Some of the toilets like the washlet bidet toilets will end up costing more; thus, correct budgeting is something you will need to be aware of certain.

You will not have a budget for a regular toilet and expect to get a high-end technology TOTO toilet.

 Advantages Of A Toto Toilet

TOTO has been in the toilet manufacturing business for so long, and they have certainly perfected their craft. There are a lot of advantages that come from buying your first toilet ever TOTO toilet or just switching to a TOTO toilet. The reason why the TOTO toilet is trendy is the fact that they are very efficient.

The toilets are super-efficient, and they can help save you a lot of gallons of water as they save more compared to energy-saving toilets.  TOTO toilets are guaranteed to work very well compared to your regular toilet. The comfort that you get from this toilet is like no other as they have ensured to give the best experience in the bathroom.

The other thing is that the TOTO toilets have significantly advanced in technology; therefore, you are sure they will work. Some toilet companies are new to the industry and are trying to make technology-based toilets.

There is a high chance that these toilets will fail as they are new when you compare them to the TOTO company which has done this for long. These are some of the many advantages that you get simply by buying a toilet from the TOTO Company to your bathroom.

Disadvantages Of A Toto Toilet.

The first reason that is the most significant disadvantage of the toilet is the cost of the toilet. TOTO toilets cost hundreds of dollars and some even thousands, and this is something that is a disadvantage as it goes to sit in a bathroom.

The features and the several qualities that come with this toilet are so amazing, but the price point is way above. The other thing is that the process of installation will require a professional plumber who will do the job for you. If you are going to hire a specialized plumber to fix the toilet for you, it will end up costing more money.

The other thing is that this toilet is more time consuming during installation, and if it happens to break, you will face some significant loss. The bathroom needs to be handled with a lot of care even during regular daily use to avoid the breakage or just the toilet from failing.

Final Word

In conclusion, we have been able to dive deep into a whole lot of information about the TOTO toilets. We have listed the top ten best TOTO toilets and their impressive features, and the list will help in guiding you to make the right decision when buying a toilet.

There are some factors that you will need to consider before purchasing a toilet, and we have discussed a bunch of them. This article provides you everything on TOTO to help you make the right choice during purchase.


How many types of toilets can we get in TOTO toilets?

There are two types of toilets that the TOTO offer that is the one-piece toilet and the two-piece toilet. The one-piece toilet is one with both the tank and toilet attached, while the two-piece is where the tank and toilet are separate. These are the two types of toilets that TOTO manufacturers offer.

How Different Toilet Flushing Systems Work?

There are different flush systems available, and they all work very differently. For example, the pressure-assisted system is where a flushing system uses air to push water to the bowl. The gravity flush system is where they apply water to make the flushing pressure and force contents. Different flushing systems work differently, and you need to know which your toilet uses before making a purchase.

How do you clean the TOTO toilet?

To clean a TOTO, it is crucial you first wear protective gear. You will need to rub the toilet using hot water and a sponge. After cleaning the outer part, you will need to clean the inner part of the toilet and refine the bathroom thoroughly using a brush. After you have done this, you can now flush the toilet to clear all the particles.

 How do you install a TOTO toilet?

If you need to install a new toilet first i suggest to reading our article “how to install a new toilet

To install the TOTO toilet, you will need to clean the area the toilet will be placed. Once you do that, you will then put the head of the bolt into the flange, so the threads face upward. Next, you will need to install the bowl as instruction in the manual suggest.

After positioning the bowl, you will need to tie the mounting bolts to hold the bowl in place. You will then install the tank to the bowl and tighten the nuts. Then you will need to hook up the water supply and make sure there are no leaks. Finally, you will need to put the lid, and there you will have installed the TOTO toilet.

Which TOTO toilet is the best?

There are several TOTO toilets available, and all have these excellent features that make them stand out. It’s hard to say which TOTO toilet is the best, but the list above will help you decide the best features you want.

How do you identify a TOTO toilet model?

There is a time that you will need to change your TOTO toilet parts, and this will mean knowing the right model of your toilet. To identify the model, you will need to check inside your tank on the back of the wall or the right hand of the wall, and you will see the model engraved there.

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