Top 10 Best Toilet Seat Reviews

Once in a lifetime, you have probably experienced a hard time in the toilet while taking your relaxing call of nature. The best toilet seat is one of the most integral parts of a bathroom that you don’t need to ignore just for the sake.

A toilet seat, as the name suggests, is a seat consisting of a round or oval seat and a lid. The toilet seat is often bolted to the toilet bowl and is used for sitting when taking a call. A toilet seat is not just a seat, and you need to be very careful when choosing the type of seat that you need for your toilet.

The best toilet seat should serve its purpose, and that is to ensure you are comfortable. The other primary purpose of a toilet seat is to ensure it protects you from all the things inside the bowl.

Stray urine and even bulk waste can be so disgusting if it happens to get to your body, and that is why you need a good toilet seat. In this article, we will discuss the best toilet seat that are in the market today, together with a bunch of factors to consider when buying one. I hope you get what you are looking for in a toilet seat.

1. American Standard 5325.010.020 Champion Slow Close Elongated Toilet Seat.

Best Toilet Seat Reviews

The first toilet seat that you need to consider on our list of the best toilet seat is the American champion slow close toilet.

The thing that first caught my eye is the fact that this toilet closes slowly compared to some toilets that often slam. Slamming a toilet seat lid is what makes it starts breaking in the long run, and this seat will be a perfect choice for people who hate seats that slam.

The other exciting feature of the toilet seat is you can easily lift it off. This lift-off cleaning feature allows you to remove them easily and also attach the toilet seat without needing so many tools. The American Standard toilet has this attractive design to it, which makes this toilet coordinate easily with many bathroom decors.

A toilet is not just a toilet if it does not offer you some peace while doing your thing. Since the American toilet is elongated, it can easily fit all the conventional elongated and round front toilets.

Also, the toilet has this ever clean surface that you can easily clean and get the best looking bathroom. When you combine this seat with a good bowl and tank, then you will have the ultimate toilet in your bathroom.

Therefore the American toilet seat is the top-notch toilet seat pick on our list for best toilet seat.

2. KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Elongated White Toilet Seat

best toilet KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet

The other pick on our list is the Kohler toilet seat that is also elongated just like the American seat. This toilet seat is exceptional in its design as it has a specific styling and innovation to it that make it a perfect pick for your bathroom.

This is one of the best toilet seat for heavy person that are available in the market today, and it has several features that make it outstanding. The Kohler toilet seat has a quiet close seat technology, which prevents the seat from easily slamming. Also, the other feature it has is the quick release hinges that allow you to remove the hinges for thorough cleaning easily.

The other thing it has is the ready attach hardware, which allows anyone to easily set up the seat without needing a professional or tools for installation. The toilet seat is designed in a way to ensure that it fits the elongated toilets.

There is a unique grip tight bumper to this toilet seat that ensures the seat is held firmly in place while preventing shifting. Some toilet seats tend to shift too much when you are using them, which is so uncomfortable.

Lastly, this toilet seat is stain and fades solid resistance polypropylene to it, making it an excellent choice for any bathroom you install to.

3. Delta Faucet Morgan Elongated Slow-Close White Toilet Seat.

Delta Faucet Morgan

The one thing that every customer wants when buying a toilet seat is to ensure that they can easily install it by themselves. The Delta toilet seat is one of the best comfort toilet seats on the market today that you can easily install on your own as it offers fast and secure installation that helps prevent loosening.

This is one of the key features that you will need to keep in mind when going shopping for toilet seats. Also, the best toilet seats in the market today should all have a slow close feature to it, and this Delta toilet is no exception.

This feature ensures the lid closes slowly without slamming, which is disgusting to many. The Delta toilet seat also has the no-slip seat bumpers that keep the seat from shifting, which can happen if the seat is not intact. The reason why this toilet was our third pick in the toilet seats is that it has a solid construction.

The solid construction provides added weight to the seat for strength and durability, which means it will not break easily. Also, there is some added feature to it that ensures this toilet is resistant to staining, fading, chipping, and even peeling.

Having a toilet seat that can serve you for a long time is the ultimate goal for any buyer, and the Delta toilet can do so correctly.

4. KOHLER K-4647-0 Stonewood toilet seat.

KOHLER K-4647-0 Stonewood

The Stonewood Kohler toilet seat is also one of the best strong toilet seats that the Kohler Company makes in the market today. The design of this toilet seat is so versatile, and it complements lots of the bathrooms when you install it.

The exciting thing about this make is it has a compression molded wood seat, which provides you with a substantial look and feel.  This compression mold is so unique with this toilet seat, and you cannot easily achieve it with other seat materials available today.

The exceptional design of the toilet seat is what may catch the eye of many buyers as the toilet seat even has the color matching plastic hinges, which make the seat look seamless. The Kohler toilet is designed in a way to fit one and two-piece toilets.

The installation is so simple it won’t give you a headache or even require you to use sophisticated tools while installing. The hinges help in providing secure attachment of the seat and the toilet, thus minimizing the movements of the seat.

This is the perfect toilet seat that you need to get if you have an elongated toilet as it will suit perfectly. For any buyer, this seat is so ideal for a cleaner and stylish bathroom look.

5. MAYFAIR 883SLOWA 000 Toilet Seat.

MAYFAIR 883SLOWA 000 Toilet Seat

The Mayfair toilet seat cannot be left out when you are listing the best toilet seat in 2021. This toilet seat has so many features that make it stand out and even take the fifth position in our top ten lists.

The most outstanding feature of the Mayfair toilet seat is that it is clutter-free. There is a built-in plastic toddler potty seat that secures magnetically in cover when the seat is not in use.

This feature is essential as it helps in keeping the bathroom clean and very organized. The thing about the built-in plastic toddler is that it fits both the adults and children. This potty is fun for kids as they can now have the independence of using a big potty.

The other thing the toilet has is the no slamming feature. The toilet seat closes slowly and quietly with a tap to eliminate the pinched fingers. The STA-TITE fastening system is also present in this toilet seat, ensuring that there is no wiggle in your toilet seat, ensuring it does not come loose.

With this system, even installing the seat is just a snap, and you are ready to go. The seat has a durable enameled wood seat that provides a superior high gloss finish. The high gloss finish ensures that the seat is resistant to chipping and scratching.

6. MAYFAIR 1848SLOWB 000 Toilet Seat.


There is another brand of Mayfair toilet seat that cannot miss on the top 10 list of the best toilet seats. This toilet seat happens to fit many elongated toilets ranging from Kohler, Toto, American Standard, and many others.

The toilet is made in the USA with earth-friendly materials and a friendly process, which will be ideal for buyers with such tastes. Just like the other brand of Mayfair, the toilet has other excellent features, including the no slamming feature.

This toilet seat closes slowly and quietly, avoiding the breakages that can occur when it slams heavily. It also has the STA-TITE fastening system that is easy to install using a wrench.

The system is essential to the seat and even the toilet as it ensures that there are no wiggles, and the toilet cannot come off easily. Just like the brother brand, this toilet seat can also be removed and replaced easily when you want to do the perfect cleaning on the toilet.

The materials and processes used in making this toilet seat are of high gloss finish as they mare made of durable enameled. This high gloss finish helps in ensuring that the toilet seat resists chipping and scratching easily.

All these features make this toilet a top-notch and one of the best toilets seats today.

7. TOP SEAT TinyHiney Potty Round Toilet Seat.

TOP SEAT TinyHiney Potty

The Topseat toilet seat is the perfect toilet seat for both the adults and children. This toilet seat is so convenient, and the design of the seat is classic to give an excellent potty training experience for a child.

There are several reasons why this toilet seat makes our list of the best toilet seat in 2021. Some of the reasons include the adult-size toilet seat that converts easily to a toddler seat.

The seat has a flip with a magnetic toilet ring that embedded in it. The good thing about the toddler ring is that it does not easily pull off; therefore, it’s safe and secure. If you don’t need to use it, you can easily flip it to the lid compartment where a magnet holds it in place.

There are bumpers also under the toddler’s seat that prevent the fingers of the baby from getting pinched, and they fit around the bowl. The toilet seat has a high gloss painted finish to it that is hand-sanded from a durable wood construction.

Lastly, the sturdy and stylish chromed metal hinges that fit around the bowl helps in making the toilet a perfect buyer’s choice. This toilet seat is ideal if you live in a small room that has one bathroom that you use with your toddler.

  8. Toto SS114#01 Transitional Soft Close Toilet Seat

Toto SS114#01 Transitional

The Toto toilets are by far considered one of the best companies for manufacturing toilets and toilet seats. The Toto toilet seat design and engineering are so perfect while still making the seat very beautiful.

The soft close Toto toilet technology has this advanced hinge system that helps in lowering the seat gently down to the bowl and also quietly.

The process of slowly lowering down ensures that there are no annoying slams of the seat, and it also helps in reducing the chances of damaging the seat. The good thing about the Toto toilet seat is that it features the soft-close function to both the lid and the seat.

If you want to wash your toilet, you can remove the Toto toilet seat easily, and also installing it is a piece of cake. You can also upgrade to the Toto washlet bidet seat if you are ready.

The sleek and slim design with closed front elongated shape helps in creating a seamless look to the toilet seat design. Different assorted color variations make the toilet seat a perfect choice for any bathroom décor that you can think of.

All this feature plus the fact that this is a company that leads in toilet design is what makes the toilet seat among the best toilet seat available today.

9.  BATH ROYALE BR606-00 Premium Elongated Toilet Seat.

BATH ROYALE BR606-00 Premium Elongated

The Bath Royale toilets seat is one of the best premium seats that are in the market today. This toilet seat fits most of the toilet brands, including the Crane, Delta, Caroma, and other major toilet brands. T

he Bath Royal toilet offers you several features that include the slow close seat and lid, which prevent the loud slamming. If a toilet seat slams, then there is a probability of having cracked toilets and even getting your fingers pinched.

The seat is one of the best toilet seat because it is of pure plastic that is non-absorbent chemical and stain-resistant. The material will ensure that the toilet is better, the sanitary is perfect, and it’s long-lasting compared to wooden.

The Bath royal toilet has solid color throughout, and it does not peel off easily or even fade. Also, this seat has a quick release that helps in keeping your bathroom fresh and cleans all day.

You can press a button that lets you easily detach your seat and cleaning the areas between mounting posts properly. The toilet seat is strong and very comfortable, and it’s softer and warmer to touch on the sensitive body compared to wooden seats.

From the features, it’s clear that Bath Royale is one of the best toilet seat that you need to get in your bathroom. 

10. BEMIS 1500EC 000 Toilet Seat.

The last toilet seat on our list of the best toilet seat is the Bemis toilet seat. Bemis is a toilet brand that happens to be doing very well in the toilet industry, producing one of the best toilets and toilet seats.

This brand of toilet seat has so many features to it, just like the other toilet seat we have discussed. One of the best things that the toilet has is the ability to quickly remove the seat to give you space to clean your toilet easily.

There are plastic hinges to it that ensure the seat is in place, and it will not easily twist or wiggle. Also, the hardware that holds the parts together is non-corrosive; therefore, the bolts and wing nuts cannot easily corrode.

The Bemis toilet is one of the toilets that perfectly elongated toilet seat slow close and fits like the Kohler, Toto, and others. This toilet seat also has a high gloss finish to it that ensures there is no chipping or even scratching.

These are fantastic features that a toilet seat needs to entail to make it to the best toilet seat in our review. The Bemis seat is no exception, as it involves some of the best features in the market today.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Toilet Seat.


When considering buying a toilet system, it is vital to take a look at the material that makes the seat.

The most common materials that make a seat are the plastic ones and wooden ones. If you are sensitive to cold, it’s essential to use plastic material.


Hinges are essential parts of a toilet seat as they help the lid to close when you are flushing the toilet easily.

When deciding to buy a toilet seat, you will need to consider the color of the hinge, are they corrosive and a bunch of things. If your hooks are not right, then you will face some trouble.

Closing System

The closing system of a toilet seat is one of the integral parts that any buyer should first know before anything.

Some toilets have a slow closing system with both the seat and lid, while others have a slamming system. Toilets that slam often lead to the toilets breaking.


The versatility of a toilet seat is also one of the things you need to check on when buying a toilet seat. Some toilet seats have toddler potty seats together with an adult seat.

The ability of the toilet seat to adapt to different functions should be a factor you need to check.

Finish, Fit, And Style

The finish of a toilet seat is essential. High gloss finish ensures that your seat will not easily scratch. Also, you need to check if the seat fits your type of toilet if it’s elongated or any kind.

Lastly, the style of the toilet seat is vital as it helps in bringing some life to your bathroom.

Shape and Size

Shape and size are important factors to consider when buying a toilet seat for your bathroom.

There are some toilet seats meant for elongated toilets while others for round toilets. Knowing this will guide you in choosing the right toilet seat for your toilet.

Ease of Installation

A toilet seat that can you can easily install is something that you will need to be on the lookout for.

The reason for this is that you can quickly remove the seat if you want to do some cleaning on the toilet and take it back after doing so. 

Utility and comfort  

The last place that you will ever want to be less comfortable is in your toilet while doing your thing. Some toilet seats are a total discomfort, and this is not what you want. When choosing a toilet seat, it’s essential to check its utility and comfort.

How Do Replace a Toilet Seat?

You might start experiencing some issues with your toilet system, and now you want to replace the seat. Replacing your toilet seat is as easy as ABC, but you will need to follow a few steps to do the right replacement.

To replace your seat, it’s important first to try to open the bolt caps that close the seat or hold it in position. When you have done so, you can then take the bolts off and then lift off the seat.

You will then need to bring in the new seat that you want to replace and carefully place it aligning the bolt holes. Using the bolts of the new toilet and other hardware, you can then screw the bolts to the toilet to hold the toilet seat firmly in place.

There you go your new toilet seat is now in place and ready for use. That is how simple it is to replace the toilet seat of your bathroom.


What is useful to a product that can only last for a few days? Most toilet companies are out here producing toilet seats that are not even worth your money.

The toilet seat brakes just a few days after you start using them.  When you want to buy a toilet, it’s essential to consider a toilet seat that you will use for more days.

The materials that they use to make your toilet seat are the plastic ones and wooden ones. The wooden ones will tend to last for a long time when you compare them to the ones that are of plastic.

Therefore if you want toilet seats which you will use for a long time, it is wise to consider using the ones of wooden. Plastic toilet seats often break faster in the long run, thus requiring you to replace them. Durability is the factor worth considering when it comes to toilet seats.

Additional Features

When buying a toilet seat, it’s also ideal to consider several additional features that the toilet seat has. You don’t just buy a toilet seat for the sake of buying it.

The most common features that you need to check out include the magnets that hold the lid or the seat. These magnets are essential as they prevent the toilet seat from slamming since they hold the seat in position.

The other feature you need to consider is the slow close feature, which also prevents the toilet seat from falling heavily, which can result in breaking the toilet seat.

There are also toilet seats that have small potty for children. The little potty helps in training your child or giving him/her the experience of using a big toilet seat.

This feature is also an advantage because it can be ideal for parents who have a small room or just sharing a small bathroom with their kids. There are several other features that you need to keep in mind when buying a toilet seat.

Get the Toilet Bowl Shape and Size.

Having the correct bowl shape and size can save you a lot of headaches when it comes to buying a toilet seat. There are times where you happen to buy a toilet seat, and you realize that the seat is not entirely fitting your toilet.

Bowls are different, as different manufacturers tend to make different sizes of bowls. Some bowls are elongated while some are round; therefore, buying the toilets seat meant for one can result in you having trouble.

If you are wondering how to get the right measurement for your bowl, it is essential to check with your manufacturer. The manufacturer will help you to easily determine the shape and size of your bowl, thereby knowing the correct toilet seat that you need to buy.

Therefore, don’t just neglect this small act as it can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Advantage of changing toilet seat.

There are several advantages to why you need to change your toilet seat. The most common reason why people change their toilet seat is to get more comfortable seats.

In this article on the best toilet seat, we have listed the more comfortable toilet seats, which you can choose from. Also, you can buy a seat that can help you perform many functions like the toilet seat that has a potty.

This is an advantage because your child can easily use the bigger toilet, which will give the kid some experience. The other benefit of changing the toilet seat is it offers you the ability to easily clean the toilet seat without going through a lot of trouble.

There are some seats that you can detach them within no time, which is an advantage as you can easily clean your toilet. Lastly, the toilet seats help in bringing some life and style to your bathroom, which is what makes many people change their seats.

 The disadvantage of Changing toilet seat.

Changing toilet seats can have disadvantages too. The one drawback that comes from changing a toilet seat is that they are expensive. Toilets seat can be costly, especially if you go for seats from top manufactures.

These seats have several features that make it easily stand out from the conventional seats from their styling and other things. The other disadvantage is that these toilets seats can sometimes not be comfortable as advertised.

Some toilet seat manufacturers advertise that their seat is comfortable and yet when you start using this seat, you start experiencing that they are less convenient. The other thing is that the toilet seat tends to break easily if you don’t take care of them.

The no slam feature at some point makes stop working, and the lid plus the toilet seat will fall easily, which will result in scratches or breakages on your toilet. Therefore you will need to consider a lot before buying a toilet seat.

Round Toilets VS Elongated Toilets.

When it comes to toilets, they are of two types, and there are elongated toilets and round toilets. These toilets have some similarities and difference which defines them.

In this article, we are going to discuss the round and elongated toilets and see which one you would prefer to have in your bathroom. To start is the appearance of the two toilets.

When looking at the appearance of the toilet, you will need to consider factors like the shape of the bowl. In a round toilet, the bowl is often close to the true circle; therefore, it extends less to the room. In elongated toilets, the bowl is oval, and it extends several inches more into the front of the room.

The similarity of the two toilets is the ease of use of the two toilets. However, the larger the bowl that is an elongated toilet, the more comfortable the toilet. Both the round and elongated toilets install similarly; however, the elongated ones are often cumbersome and heavy to lift.

One most important things is elongated toilet seat slow close. The other difference between the two toilets is that the round toilets are less expensive when you compare them to the elongated toilets. These are some of the similarities between the two toilets hope you get the idea and choose correctly.

Final word

To conclude this article of the best toilet seat review, we have touched on several things. We have listed the best toilet seat in the market today, following a particular order from the best seat to the good one.

We also discussed the features that make this toilet seat worth buying. The article also lists some of the factors to consider when purchasing a toilet seat. The versatility, durability, style and finish, material plus other things that you need take into consideration.

The article has briefly touched on the types of the toilet that is the round toilet and the elongated toilet. We discussed the similarities and also the differences between the two kinds of toilets and something to consider when getting one.

This is a very informative article, and it provides insight into several things concerning toilet seats, and it can help you a lot when it comes to deciding the kind of seat you need.


1. How can I know the right size seat that will fit my toilet?

When deciding to buy a toilet seat, you must consider the right size of the toilet seat. There is some toilet seat that you will purchase, and they generally don’t fit precisely on your toilet, bringing several challenges.

To know the size of your toilet seat, you can use a tape measure to measure the seat. You will need to measure the width and length of the bowl at its widest point to get the right size.

2. Why is My Toilet Seat Loose?

A toilet seat can become loose as a result of several reasons. One of the main reasons why a toilet seat can be lose is because it continually opens, closes, and sitting.

When you actively repeat over several times, it results in your toilet seat becoming loose. 

3. What should I use when cleaning my toilet seat?

When cleaning your bathroom, it is crucial to ensure that every part of it is sparkling clean. A toilet is an essential part of your house, and you need to maintain absolute cleanness.

When cleaning your toilet seat, you can use a rag or even paper towels to wipe down the seat porcelain leaving it sparkling.

4. How can I know the right size seat before buying Seat?

To know the right size of a toilet seat before buying is by only taking the measurements of the seat. You will need to measure your bowl’s length and width at the furthest point to get the correct measurements of the seat before buying.

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