Top 10 Best Portable Toilet (Ultimate Guide)

Recreational activities are growing in popularity nowadays. Families, friends, and even organizations are organizing all these kinds of activities for leisure. I know most people have gone through this kind of feeling, and that is why you are trying to look for a solution in this article of the best portable toilet

Some of the main recreational activities include; hiking, camping, surfing, rock climbing, and even canoeing. With all the increased popularity of recreational activities, portable toilets have grown in popularity too.

It’s a hard thing to ignore a portable toilet nowadays if you are planning on going for any recreational activity. Do you know how odd it feels to have this urging call of nature, and you can’t take the call because you are in the middle of bushes?

Portable toilets are relatively cheap when you compare them to all the crucial solutions they offer. Some of the bathrooms are in a way that it’s more comfortable and even more practical to use in all recreational activities.

Also, the portable toilets are so hygienic; therefore, they are safe to carry and use them anywhere. So let’s dive into the best portable toilets.

The List of Best Portable Toilet

Dometic TAN 5 Gallon portable toilet Porta potti white thetford Cleanwaste Portable Toilet Camco (41541) Portable Travel Toilet STANSPORT Portable Camp Toilet
Dometic TAN 5 Gallon portable toiletPorta Potti White Thetford CorpCleanwaste Portable ToiletCamco 41541 Portable Travel ToiletSTANSPORT Portable Camp Toilet
Customer Rating:
4.0 out of 5 stars
Customer Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars
Customer Rating:
3.9 out of 5 stars
Customer Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars
Customer Rating:
4.6 out of 5 stars
13.45 pounds
Weight: 7.98 pounds
10.8 pounds
9.2 pounds (SP Weight)
Product Dimensions:
13.5 x 15.5 x 16.5 inches
Product Dimensions:
18.4 x 15.8 x 17.8 inches
Product Dimensions:
25 x 25 x 25 inches
Product Dimensions:
14 x 16 x 15.5 inches
Product Dimensions:
14 x 14 x 14 inches

1. Dometic TAN 5 Gallon portable toilet

Dometic Tan 5 Gallon is the best portable toilet on our list today. This portable toilet is so ideal for most of the recreation activities that you can think of.

It’s one of the top-selling portable toilets in the market today because it offers so many advantages. This kind of toilet is thus ideal for tighter spaces that don’t have bathrooms.

The convenient, lightweight nature is one thing that makes the portable toilet so perfect for getting it. The main pros of this portable toilet that make it an ideal choice are; the design of the bathroom build is to withstand harsh environments.

Also, the toilet has an easy to clean finish which won’t be a hassle to do. The other thing unique about it is that it has a prismic tank level indicator, which makes tank level monitoring so easy.

Dometic portable toilet has this full-size seat, which ensures ultimate comfort when you are on your business. Apart from the full-size seat, it also has a latching lid that provides security from the spill of the waste.

When you finish taking your call, there is a push button that works perfectly by clearing the bowl instantly.

The only disadvantage of the Dometic portable toilet is some leaks always happen. However, this is not often, but they do happen after some time of using the tank.

Also, there is an arrow for depicting the turning motion, but it is in the wrong direction, which makes it useless. The level indicator doesn’t do much as it does not tell you how much freshwater is on the upper tank.

2. Porta Potti White Thetford Corp.

The sleek, homelike and modern toilet Porta Potti cannot miss on our top 10 list of the best portable toilet. This portable toilet is a top of the line toilet suitable for boats, RVs, and many recreational activities.

The pros of the portable toilet are its battery-powered flush, which is so ideal. Also, the bathroom has this integrated toilet paper holder that is so easy to reach, although out of site.

Just like the Dometic toilet Porta also incorporates a tank level indicator, which eliminates the guesswork. The level indicator shows both the freshwater tank level and the waste tank level indicator.

The other pro thing about the portable toilet is it has a rotating spout that lets you drain the waste conveniently without spilling or splashing it.

The con of this toilet is there are instances where the pressure can build up in the tank. The built-up pressure can cause a mess if a user opens the gate valve when the lid is open.

Also, you can have some problems with cleaning the toilet as the top and bottom half are hard to take apart. However, cleaning should not be an issue as you can quickly figure out how to clean it in your way.

3. Cleanwaste Portable Toilet.

Go Anywhere portable system is in a backpack that you cannot easily guess that it’s a mobile toilet system in it. With this backpack system, you can set up your toilet easily while on camping adventures or any recreational activity.

The pros of this toilet system are that it offers a privacy shelter, and the advantage of this is that you can easily set the system up so fast. The other good thing about the system, which makes it to the best portable toilets, is the space that it offers.

The room is so big that you can take a shower and even do some cloth changing in the room as well.

This kind of toilet system is so comfortable when you compare using it to porta-porty toilet systems.

It’s a must get system for people who don’t like having their toilet system inside their cars. The lightweight nature, compactness, and portability are what make it so convenient to use it.

The con to this type of toilet system is it has window flaps and when it rains the rain can quickly get to you. However, the material that makes the tent is rainproof, which is also an advantage.

The other con is the system can easily break or fall if in a condition where there is heavy rain.

4. Camco 41541 Premium Portable Travel Toilet.

Camco portable toilet

Camco portable toilet is the best-designed toilet for camping, Rving, and other kinds of recreational activities. The portable toilet is compact and light, which makes it ideal for carrying it around.

The pros for these toilets are many and include a 5.3-gallon tank that is detachable. Also, the tank has a sealing slide valve that helps in preventing odors by locking them in and protecting against leakage.

The toilet has to carry support, which will ensure that you move your bathroom safely around. Camco 41541 Premium toilet is the best flushing toilet of other portable toilets. There is a system of flushing that this toilet uses called the bellow type flush for easy flushing.

The con for the Camco toilet system is that it has a tiny toilet seat, which makes it easy for the fluids to escape to your clothes.

The other con is that the mechanism that is involved in flushing the toilet by squeezing the water into the toilet system is tough to operate. This system would be complicated for older adults or even children, as they will have a hard time.

Also, there are small leaks that happen on the toilet seat, but they are so little, so it’s not that a big deal. 

5. Stansport Portable Camp Toilet.

Stansport portable toilet is one of a kind that should not miss on our list of the best portable toilets. The bathroom brings out the best comfort of a home toilet with you while you are camping out.

The toilet has several impressive features, which include a full-size seat that offers you maximum comfort while taking the call of nature.

Also, the portable toilet has built-in handles that enable you to carry the bathroom around with much ease. Since it’s small in size, the toilet can easily fit in any vehicle.

The other thing that makes this toilet so ideal is the fact that it has sturdy thick walls that provide enough support and preventing it from breaking easily. This toilet is a beautiful bathroom on the go that you should check out if you want to grab one.

On the flip side, there are reasons which make this system not so ideal to use. One of the cons of this toilet system is that it has a small waste tank system meaning it quickly fills up and thus not that useful.

You will need to empty the tank 2-3 times after just using it. They invested so much on the outer shell space rather than the waste tank itself.

Reliance Products Hassock Portable Palm Springs Outdoor Earthtec ETEC Non-Stick Sanitary Portable Toilet SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet Leopard Outdoor T-Type
Reliance Products Hassock Portable ToilettPalm Springs Outdoor Portable Camping toiletEarthtec ETEC Non-Stick Sanitary Portable Toilet SereneLife Outdoor Portable ToiletLeopard Outdoor T-Type Portable Toilet
Customer Rating:
4.3 out of 5
Customer Rating:
4.6 out of 5
Customer Rating:
3.5 out of 5
Customer Rating:
4.5 out of 5
Customer Rating:
4.7 out of 5
5 Pound
12.6 Pound
13 pounds
11.25 pounds
11.5 Pounds
Product Dimensions:
14 x 14.7 x 14.7 inches.
Product Dimensions:
17 x 16 x 14.1 inches
Product Dimensions:
16.5 x 14.6 x 16.9 inches
Product Dimensions:
20.90 x 20.50 x 18.60 Inches
Product Dimensions:
13.6″(W) X 15″(D) X 16.6″(H)

6. Reliance Products Hassock Portable Lightweight Self-Contained Toilet.

reliance products hassock portable lightweight self-contained toilet

The Hassock portable toilet is lightweight in design and self-contained, which makes the bathroom so ideal for camping. 

The toilet has a contoured seat, which will give you the best comfort, like a home experience. The pros of the bathroom are many, as it has a removable bucket that holds the waste.

This removable inner bucket is so ideal when disposing of waste as you won’t be splashing or spilling it all over. Also, this toilet includes a free sample of Bio-Blue in it. It also offers a five-year warranty.

The portable toilet also has a splash cover or toilet paper holder, which helps to prevent the splashing of the waste. All of these make it so ideal for camping or even boating. However, there are some of the things that the toilet has that make it hard to use.

For example, the toilet is so flimsy; it can be easily damaged and, at times, even be of insubstantial in some conditions. It has a thin seat, and the cover does not cover the container entirely.

This toilet can easily slide around, and this can cause a lot of messing around, and I bet no one wants that. It’s the right product, but you will have to take into consideration lots of things before you can decide on buying it.

7. Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal Portable Toilet

Palm Springs Outdoor

This is one of the best portable toilets whose design for outdoor camping, boating, RVing, or any adventure.

The design of this toilet is so good, and some of the features that stand out are the 3-gallon tank of fresh water and 5 gallons of the waste tank. The tank is light in weight and compact, which makes it so easy while carrying it around.

The tanks make is of density polythene, and they are leak-proof and can be emptied.

The other pro of this toilet seat is the sturdy full-size seat and a lid fitted to it. Also, it has this durable matte finish that helps conceal the scratches. Overall the quality of construction of this portable toilet is top-notch.

The other thing that makes the toilet ideal is the simple flush system, just like the conventional toilet, where you press to release water. There is a built-in handle that facilitates the transport of this toilet from one place to another with much struggle.  

The con of this toilet is that it can build pressure up easily if it sits unused for a long time. This can be bad because if the next time you go to use it, you can get splash with your urine.

Also, after staying with the portable toilet for some time, you may start experiencing leaks from the holding tank. You cannot easily repair this tank also because of the inner parts, which make it hard to do so.

Either way, this toilet is suitable for camping, and that’s why it made to our list of the best portable toilets. 

8. Earthtec ETEC Non-Stick Sanitary Portable Toilet Bowl. 

Earthtec ETEC Non-Stick Sanitary Portable Toilet Bowl

The Earthtec toilets take the ordinary bathroom to a new level. This portable toilet makes use of some technology called the Nano-technology.

The technology makes cleaning and sanitation so easy as it gives the waste a friction-free trip into the waste tank. This technology is so crucial as it eliminates the odors, messy streaks, and hazards, thus keeping the bowl clean. 

The other pro to this product is the high capacity it has of the tanks. The Earthtec portable toilet has a 5 gallon of holding tank and 2.8 gallons of a freshwater tank.

This capacity means that you won’t be spending so much time emptying the gallon rather enjoying your recreation activity. 

Since this toilet is light in weight, then the portability of the toilet is not a problem. You can easily pick it up and carry it around the camping area.

Apart from just the lightweight, you can also disconnect the two parts easily; hence portability is hassle-free. When you want to empty the holding tank, Earthtec has a feature of a discharge tube that reduces splashing the mess all over. 

The only con of this portable toilet is that it does not offer you with a level indicator to know when the tank is full. You have to figure out on your own and empty this tank, which is a problem. 

9. SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet.

SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet.

The other best portable toilet on our list is the SereneLife Outdoor portable toilet. This portable toilet has several features that make it a must get a portable toilet when you are going camping.

The bathroom features rugged and durable construction that makes it ideal for any part of camping.

The toilet also has easy access to a waste tank, which makes it quick when you are disposing of it. Also, the pro to this toilet is that it has a carrying case included big enough, making it super easy to carry around.

SereneLife toilet has a splash-free rotating pour spout and a piston pump flushing to allow quick emptying when full. Also, it offers a double-sealed valve to protect against leaks and odors. 

Just like some other toilets, this portable toilet also has some cons to it in that it can build in pressure. When you happen to close the toilet for some time, the pressure builds up, and when you open the lid, it results in a splashback.

Also, the other issue with this portable toilet is the fact that it has a tiny bowl and a shallow one, which is so disgusting when using it.

 10. Leopard Outdoor T-Type.


The last portable toilet on our list of the best portable toilet is the Leopard Outdoor T-Type toilet. The portable toilet has a sturdy base, which makes it compact and so lightweight.

You can easily clean this toilet and disinfect it for storage. The bathroom features a flash tank, seat, and a lid. It has a 3 gallon of a freshwater tank and a 5.3 gallon capacity of the waste tank.

The waste tank also includes a gate valve that locks in the odor while also protecting it against leaking. You can easily detach the waste tank for easy cleaning. 

Some side handles and latches are on the toilet. The latches on the bathroom help keep the waste tank attached to the flush tank when moving it. The handles, on the other hand, are for providing grip while moving the toilet from place to place.  

The only downside of this toilet is the fact that it does not offer you the ability to see the level of the waste tank. The lack of the level indicator makes it hard to determine when the tank is almost full. Also, the toilet build is in a classy way, yet it does not have a proper spout to ensure appropriate disposal of the waste, causing unpleasant spillage. 



Portable toilets are of great advantage and probably you should get one if you most go Rving, camping or any form of outdoor activity. When deciding on buying a portable toilet, it’s essential to keep in mind the ease of use of the toilet. Ease of use ranges from how easy it’s to flush the toilet after using it. Some portable toilets have a push button that you push to flush the waste to the waste tank.

Some toilets also use a system where you will need to pull something like a lever to flush the toilet. The problem with such toilets is it can be hard to remove, especially if children are using them as they require more energy.


Dimensions of a portable toilet are so essential to know before buying a bathroom. You will be able to understand what space they will take in your car if you put them in an RV. if you will need a portable toilet with smaller dimensions as you don’t need them to occupy a big space.

You will need to know the aspects of the exterior also to avoid purchasing portable toilets that are shallow, which you will end up disliking. Therefore before you make up your mind on buying a portable toilet, you should do your research on the dimensions of the toilet you need to buy.


The other important thing that you should consider before buying a portable toilet is how to dispose of the waste. Here you will need to know how big the waste tank is in size. Some waste tanks have a small gallon of holding the waste, which I don’t think is ideal.

The other thing that should consider waste disposal is if there is a spout which ensures that the waste does not spill. Also, you should ensure that the waste tank has a valve that prevents the odor from liking and preventing further spillage from the waste tank.


Pricing is also essential as a thing to consider before buying a portable toilet. Prince is important as it defines the value of the product that you are looking for in that category. Pricing is also essential as it tells you whether the product you are buying is worth your time or even worth your investment.

Some toilets are priced at a higher price, and yet they are not worth that price if you take a closer look at them. Price should not be a deceiving factor in you buying a product. With the other factors, you should take a closer look to ensure that you get the right product you want.


The main thing when considering buying a portable toilet is the size of the toilet. Portability should be seamless, as this is the main reason why you are purchasing a portable toilet in the first place.

One of the things that you should ensure is that it occupies one of the least spaces if you will be using it in a car. The other thing that you should provide when considering the size of the toilet is how big it is. Can you be able to move the portable toilet from one place to another if you will need to carry it?



One of the key features that you should consider when buying a portable toilet is its capability to flush. Flushing a toilet should not be hard work rather a hassle-free job. Flushing is one of the vitally important factors in the toilet system as it ensures that it rinses away all the waste after using them.

Therefore it is essential to consider a system that won’t be taking away your energy or even easy for a child to flush. Push-button flush systems are the best ones compared to those that you will require you to pull a flush to clean the system.


The height of a portable toilet is so important in so many ways, and this should be a factor to consider when buying.

Some toilets are so shallow, and they tend to give you a bad experience when taking the call of nature. Height is so essential; therefore, a lot of consideration should go into determining the height that suits you perfectly.

There are times when we choose portable toilets meant for kids, and we are not comfy using them most times. A little consideration before purchasing any portable toilet should be considering its height to be on the safer side.


A waste tank should also be on the list of the key features that you need to consider when buying a toilet. Portable toilets should have a high capacity for waste tanks around five gallons and above.

The bigger the size of the tank, the less the hassle of going back and forth emptying the waste tank as it will fill up quickly.

Therefore this is among the main things that you should look up to when buying a portable toilet as no want a small waste tank. Also, the tank should have valves that prevent it from leaking quickly while also curbing the odor.


Size should not be something that you should ever ignore when buying a portable toilet in today’s market. Some portable toilets are bigger, meaning these toilets will require a bigger space to occupy.

The one thing that you should consider when buying a portable toilet is the space it will hold, especially if you are putting it in a car.

Also, you should ensure the toilet is not that big as this will be a factor that will inhibit your movement from one place to another.

Therefore, the moderate size of a portable toilet is what you should aim at when buying a toilet. 


There are many reasons to choose a proper manufacturer when buying anything in today’s market.

They produce so many products, and most of the manufacturers are not producing products that are worth your money. You should do a little background check on the best manufacturers that produce the portable toilets and source your product from them.

 The question that gives a headache to most of the customers is, how do I find the best manufacturer? To find a proper manufacturer, you will need to consider what the manufacturer of the portable toilet offers.

What unique feature does the compact toilet offer, or is it just a regular toilet like the others. When you start answering these kinds of questions, it is easy to determine the type of manufacturer that you need to choose.

If you don’t follow these criteria then it’s inevitable that you can land on manufactures that are not worth your money.


 The design of a portable toilet is so important when determining if you are going to buy the toilet. There are portable toilets that offer you design features that are out of the box for more comfort. One of the examples is a portable toilet, unlike many that give you a tent to provide you with a little privacy when taking the call of nature.

 It’s essential to consider some of the key features in these portable toilets to help guide you in the buying process. Some portable toilets offer some technology to them, for example, the Nanotechnology that ensures a precise finish to the coating of the portable toilet.

The technology ensures that you can easily clean your bathroom without going through a whole lot of trouble of waste remaining in the bathroom. These kinds of features help you determine if you are going to but the product or not.


 Accessories and spare parts of portable toilets are the next things in line that you should ensure you check on.

You will need to replace some of the elements when so stop working or when they get worn out. Some of the main parts that you should ensure are replaceable on your car should include; a water tank, waste tank flush, and other components.

 If you don’t have the right knowledge of where you are going to get the right parts of your toilet, then you will you into having many issues. There is a high chance that you might end up throwing your portable toilet system because you didn’t find a spare part to it.

A closer look at the spare parts will help you in solving some issues. You can now be able to easily replace the parts that are not working with working parts and remain with your first portable toilet.   


 There are several advantages of having a portable toilet or just bringing it over to camping, boating, or RVing.

One of the benefits of a portable toilet is the ease of use that is involved in a portable toilet. You can easily set up the toilet so fast and get doing your business in a breeze, which is the advantage.

 The other advantage of this portable toilet is they offer you the ability to now go to camping with kids.

Most people avoided camping with kids just because of the mere fact that health conditions were an issue. Also, the main advantage of this portable toilet is it offers you a convenient and accessible toilet system.

You can access the toilet at any time you want to take a call. There are so many advantages that come with this kind of toilet system, and you should try out someday. 


 On the flip side, several disadvantages come with the result of owning a portable toilet.

One of the main obstacles is the sewage smell that occurs if you don’t take a good cleaning of the waste tank.

When you don’t clean the waste tank correctly, then there is a high chance that the tank will start smelling sooner and makes the camping less comfy. You will need proper knowledge of cleaning portable toilets to avoid the kinds of smell.

The other disadvantage of a portable toilet is that it does not offer that big of a waste tank storage. The waste tank usually gets filled up easily, which you will need to dispose of each time, making it a hassle regularly.

This can be an annoying thing when you have to do it all over again and end up making your vacation less enjoyable. The other thing is there can be a leakage in the system, which can be messy if it is the waste tank.


 In conclusion, a portable toilet system has revolutionized the way we can no go to recreations. You will not have to go to bushes anymore to take a call, which is leaving our environment dirty. In this article, we have established the top ten best portable toilets in the market today.

Also, we have discussed the buying guide to follow when purchasing the toilet system that you need. All this information provided is enough to guide you on the most important things that you need to consider when buying the toilets.

Therefore with this kind of information, you can go ahead and make the right purchase when it comes to buying a portable toilet. Also, you must read the top 10 Best corner toilet review article on our site.


How does a portable toilet work?

Just like the toilet system at home, you take your short or long call, and it gets stored in the waste tank. The toilet has a water tank that you can flush after taking the call.

What is the best portable toilet?

 There is no defined brand that we can recommend as the best portable toilet. There are bunches of factors you need to go through to consider the best toilet system to buy.

 When the hassock is put together and not in use, can it be used as seating?

You can use it as a sitting, but I would not recommend it for that. A portable toilet design for a specific task in mind, and using it for other things can spoil it. 

What is the actual height of the toilet?

The height of a standard portable toilet should be around 2.32cm in height. The height helps in preventing it from being so shallow, which is less comfy when taking a call.

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